Solange Knowles On TRL Monday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday along with her pet Chihuahua. Solange talked about her song with sister and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce on the ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ soundtrack, her solo album debut ‘Solo Star’, working with B2K, and she showed off her ballet dancing skills, getting TRL host Damien to try dancing as well. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Today we’ll introduce you to someone we expect huge things
from I’m talkin’ about miss beyonce knowles’s kid sister, miss solange
knowles. Bring her on out here


Solange: Hey, y’all.

Damien: Look at that she’s got a puppy dog with her. How are you.

Solange: I’m fine. How are you.

Damien: What’s his name, her name.

Solange: His name his name is shiggy-E.

Damien: Why did you bring him?

Solange: I bring him with me every where did like my little son.

Damien: Like a good luck charm. We remember you from the trl tour rightast

Solange: Yes.

Damien: Explain your role.

Solange: Um, actually I just hosted the trl tour last year and, uhm,
it was really cool because I know it was so hot outside and we were at
this amphitheater and it was outside and hi to keep people up and happy
for like 7 hours because the show started like 5:3 and ended at 11:30.
It was not an easy job.

Damien: What is it like this summer, you are being pushed into the limelight
how is this summer treating you.

Solange: Actually this summer I’ll be in the studio with kel writin’
on her album, which is out in august and actually hosting a T.V. Show on
the wb call “teen talk”


Solange: And my album is comin’ out so I got a lot going on.

Damien: I want to talk the role in austin powers you kinda played not
in the movie, for a reason but sang with your sister onhe soundtrack.

Solange: Exactly.

Damien: Mike myers wrote the words.

Solange: He actually was in the studio. I know it was funny because
they w we are lookin’ if a girl who can dance and sing and have a ’70s
vibe and my sister, she’s always lookin’ out for me, and like, hey.

Damien: Was the taco bell dog a requirement.

Solange: No, ha-ha. It was fun and cool.

Damien: What was it like singin’ his words.

Solange: You will hear the song when it comes out but not exactly what
I would be singin’ about being 16 but he’ll hear what he is talkin’ about,

Damien: Absolutely. We’ll get back to your videos right now. She’s been
sliping a spot a day actually since last thursday. Vanessa fans I know
you are out there and can do better. Help her out at 6.

Damien: No. 6 vanessa carlton “ordinary day” it is damien at seaside
heights look at this her puppy dog. And she’s baby-sitting. You are comfortable
is that scaring you?

Solange: No, I can see him, I know he is taken care of.

Damien: Your solo album is out called ‘Solo Star’.

Solange: Yes.

Damien: Why? To get away from the beyonce kinda thing.

Solange: Actually my name is solange and everyone calls me solo as a
nickname and I wanted a way to let people know I’m being myself I got to
write and produce my album and wanted people to know it is all me.

Damien: A hundred percent genuine.

Solange: Exactly.

Damien: You worked with b2k on this album.

Solange: Yes.

Damien: What was it like.

Solange: We have been friends in I.M.X., Like the last fur years. I
knew them before it was really fun. We had a really good time in the studio.

Damien: What was it like knowing them 4 years ago was it different than

Solange: They are the same, the same humble guys, I’m really happy for

Damien: They come on the show and goof off.

Solange: I don’t know about all that, ha-ha.

Damien:  She won’t comment on that.

Solange: Ha-ha.

Damien: Now you are a classical trained ballet dancer.

Solange: Since 2 and a half, yes.

Damien: I would think it would be cool if we played music and you did
a dance. Would that be all right.

Solange: Only if he does it. What do y’all think.

Damien: Oh, jesus.

Solange: Stand up straight, suck your butt in.

Damien: This will show white I actually am.

Solange: You gotta turn your feet out and plia

[Background music]

Solange: Turn, turn, turn, turn.

Solange: All right. Y’all give it up for damien.

Damien: What do you think? , Thanks for stoppin’ by.

Solange: Thank hivin’ me.

Damien: Very cool with solange knowles b2k on the move after almost
falling into the twilight zone coming back on your countdown at warp speed.

Solange: Go b2k

Damien: Tha you for comin’ on.

Solange: Thank you

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