Soul Train Goes Off On Petition Against Ashanti/BET has released their offical statement commenting on the petition that voices the opinion that Soul Train’s choice for their ‘Aretha Franklin Acheivement’ award – , was a poor one. The site blasts, “Such a mean-spirited and, utterly, stupid campaign is, in our view and at best, a rather sickening subjugation, by a grossly uninformed idiot, of the basic principle upon which we believe that the otherwise worthwhile and ostensibly, legitimate internet website was probably founded. What looms as even more strange, under the circumstances, but not totally unexpected, is the fact that white-owned, a notable subsidiary of white-owned Black Entertainment Television (BET), is, currently, not only providing, ongoing, publicity to this Internet farce but white-owned has, quite inexplicably so, also volunteered itself as a provider of link-up information services for any visitors wishing to become signers of the hate petition involved, by, openly and deliberately, directing such visitors to; thus adding weight and to some degree, its own, unique, credibility to the purposeful and gratuitous ‘Black on Black’ hatred being circulated.”

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