Special Message From Anastacia’s Fan Club

The ClubAnastacia Team sent the following message out to fans earlier today in regards to the singer’s breast cancer diagnosis: “Hope this quick note finds your new year off to a healthy and happy start. Naturally we were all deeply saddened to hear of Anastacia’s breast cancer diagnosis. We are keeping our thoughts positive, however, as our girl always does. The outpouring of support from emails and get-well cards ClubAnastacia received from you shows that Anastacia’s fans are among the most wonderful, caring and dedicated in the world.”

“Each day we collect and forward the get-well emails and cards to Anastacia. She appreciates all of your kind words and asked to forward this message: ‘Please let my fans know that their get-well wishes have been incredible! I am amazed by the strength and positive attitude that shines through each and every message. Some of you have shared your special life challenges and experiences with me, which are an inspiration at this’.”

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One thought on “Special Message From Anastacia’s Fan Club

  1. Jovana says:

    Oh Lord,i don’t know how to start this letter…i want to tell you so many things…
    Anastacia…i want you to know that I love you love you love you,your voice,your style JUST EVERYTHING and of course your songs…They are so so so beautiful!!!!!I am not from America (English is my second language)so forgive me please for my spelling and writing…thank you.I am from Serbia.When I find out that you were here and I wasn’t there to see and listen you,i wanted to get crazy.I was crying 2 days…SORRY!!!!!!Am writing you because I wanted to have even like this contact whit you and I want you to know that I love you…”…No mater how I try the words could never do…”the words, really, could never describe you how much I love you…….I better stop here because if I keep going I will not stop soon.There is so much things I want to tell you,but right now am very exciting and I don’t know how to tell you what I have..Oh,God…forgive me am very exciting!!!I love you very much as you are saying to ass THE WORDS COULD NEVER DO…And once again I love you…Sorry for my writing and spelling and wasting your time I know you are busy…THANK YOU FOR SINGING TO AS !!!!!!!!thank you….

    Love you,Stacey…!!!!JOVANA

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