Special Treatment For Diana Ross’ Two Day Prison Term

Despite being arrested in Tucson, Arizona, a source tells The New York Daily News is being allowed to serve her two day prison sentence in Greenwich, Connecticut so she can be close to home. “The chief of the Greenwich police had cut off overtime,” one insider complained. “But, for , he put on a female guard so she could serve her time at her leisure. Four hours here, six hours there. She ordered her own meals, and police officers went to get them!” The source also revealed Ross commutes to and from jail with her own comforter.

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One thought on “Special Treatment For Diana Ross’ Two Day Prison Term

  1. Sharon Walton says:

    Dt Ms. Diana “Mama” Ross,

    I am Sharon Walton and has always been a big fan of yours even when you was with the Supremes and of course as a female solo artist. Life is full of ups and downs people is going to be people no matter where you go or who you are. Ms. Ross always keep your eyes on the prize and never lose sight of Jesus. He got everything under control. He is working everything out for your good. I am so glad that things worked out ok. I really enjoyed your “Return to Love” tour concert when you’re all performed here in Atlanta, GA. It was a night to remember. That was my first time seeing you and the Supremes in person. I always wanted to see you’re all performed live in person. Of course you’re all have what it takes. You have truly earn the success in the business as a legend. Ms. Diana “Mama” Ross keep it up long as God allow you to do what He has truly blessed you with. I would sure like to meet you one day. You seen like a down to earth diva and you some remarkable kids. Oh by the way please email me if you have the time. I know that you have a busy and tight schedule traveling to different parts of the cities doing concerts. Well this is all for now. I didn’t mean to write so much. I just got carry away especially writing you of course Ms. Diana “Mama” Ross. Take care!

    I hope to hear from you soon as you have the time. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother!

    Sharon Walton

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