Sports Illustrated Nixed Bikini Issue For Libraries

The New York Daily News reports that because of past complaints made to Sports Illustrated for their annual swimsuit issue, the magazine made the decision not to send the February 14th edition with on the cover to 21,000 “institutional subscribers” last month. They included some public schools and the New York Public Library system. “I have never seen this type of thing before in my life,” said Judith Krug, director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom of the 66,000-member American Library Association. “It’s upsetting because No. 1, we basically have a contractual relationship with [parent company] Time Inc. We have bought and paid for a year’s worth of issues and they have decided that millions of our patrons won’t have access to it.” Read more.

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One thought on “Sports Illustrated Nixed Bikini Issue For Libraries

  1. Nancy Swygert says:

    The “swim suit” edition has nothing to do with sports. I changed channels all week to avoid having to look at soft porn.

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