Sterling Simms Explains ‘Yours, Mine, And The Truth’

Sterling Simms checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@sterlingsimms) on Tuesday (December 23). The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania R&B singer/songwriter tells readers:

Whas crackin people! I want to first take this time out to thank all my fans and supporters for buying my album and staying down with me throughout the process of putting it together. Many people have asked me about the concept behind the title “Yours, Mine, and The Truth”, so here is a brief explanation of the songs and their meanings:

All I Need feat. Jadakiss-“We meet” (The Truth)

Playa-“She caught me slippin” I knew it was too good to be true from the beginning, but at the time i didnt care (Mine)

D.U.I.-“I’m driving under the influence of “her”.. This could be a dangerous game (The Truth)

Single-“Reality” Damn…. i’m really in a relationship, but i do remember being single

Bad Dream-“Insecurity” My fears of losing her got me dreaming about it.. This may not work (Yours)

JumpOff- “I need a breather” Problems at home got me lookin elsewhere (Yours)

I know-“The other girl” While out looking for a breather, i met someone going thru the same as me (Mine)

Boom Boom Room-“The first time” Me and the “other woman” made music together.. (Yours)

Best Friend-“Are u serious?!?!?” Her being frustrated with me, she found comfort in my best friend (Mine)

Doin dat dere-“Back to her” Me complimenting the “other womans” swag (The truth)

Sex in the City-“One last time” Break-up sex in the city (The truth)

Let her go-“Moving on” Its over… This is me letting you go (The truth)

Thanking you-“Thinking back” I learned from my mistakes… The “other woman” can thank you for that.. I’m now a better man.. (The truth)

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    Check out Sterling Simms via IMEEM! Take a minute and listen to his album Yours, Mine, & the Truth…In stores NOW!!!

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