Stop Hating On Brandy

Contributed anonymously:

I am so sick and tired of everyone hating on and it needs to stop. has already proven herself as one of the greatest singers of our time. She is also a great actress-TV AND Big Screen, as well as a spokesmodel. Many of you act as though she doesn’t have the right to make mistakes. Is she not human? Or, are some of you stupid enough to believe that because she is rich and famous, she should be immune to making mistakes? Let’s face it. Many of us have done far worse things than what has done. The only reason why ’s is put out in public is because she is well-known. Then, once her situations are made public, many of you are quick to blast her and make her look as if she is the worst person in the world.

It is so funny how whenever someone says one or two things about Beyonce, many people will post messages saying, “Oh, you are a “Beyonce Hater,” or “you are jealous of Beyonce.” Yet, the very same people who are quick to jump to Beyonce’s defense are the very same one hating on Brandy. You tell me which is worse.

No one said anything when Bobby Brown went to jail for the millionth time.

No one said anything when R. Kelly slept with little girls, who could have very well been their little sisters, or cousins, or daughters.
Yet, everyone has so much to say about Brandy. Leave her alone. She is already filthy rich, and she will only get richer. Deal with it. She has been around for 10+ years, and I believe she will still be going strong in the many years to come.

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