Stop Hating On Michelle Williams

Contributed anonymously:

I must confess I am entirely tired of people hating on of Destiny’s Child. Give the chick a break man, damn! Granted she is not the best singer in the group, but that doesn’t mean she can’t sing. To say she can’t sing would be to say Tweet or even Mary J. Blige can’t sing (two singers who have raspy voices quite similar to Michelle’s). It’s extremely hard coming from obscurity to one of the biggest selling girl groups in history, so give her a break! And to say she is unsuccessful is another thing. Consider this: both of her albums went to number 1 on the gospel charts. Gospel is nowhere near as mainstream of an audience as pop/R&B/rock are, so guess what that means? LESS PROMOTION. So how do you expect her album to come anywhere near the sales of Beyonce’s when she doesn’t even promote half as much!

Granted I love Beyonce too, but you can’t lie, if Beyonce wasn’t on every channel every day, her album wouldn’t have sold as much. Granted, “Crazy In Love” was a very good song, but still, she promoted it like crazy! Then people also fail to mention Michelle’s stint on Broadway, replacing Toni Braxton in Aida. The show was sold out and she earned rave reviews. I hate to hear people say she and/or Kelly were unsuccessful just because they didn’t sell as much as Beyonce!

One’s success isn’t measured by how successful the people around you are. If that was the fact, then nobody would be successful because Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album has sold nearly 50 million copies. You don’t measure success by comparison. Though it was inevitable because they were all in the same group, that still has nothing to do with it. So long story cut short: Quit hating on the girl. She still da ***** regardless of what da hataz say!

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