Strange Ending For John Legend’s Concert In Berkeley

checked in with his Twitter followers (@johnlegend) after performing at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California on Sunday night (September 6), where he was joined by India.Arie. Legend writes:

@ChantaeCann Thanks to you and India and everybody in the band and crew. You were wonderful every single night. So honored to have you.

It was India.Arie’s last show on the tour. Much love to her. She was the perfect special guest to have with us. We will miss her much.

Berkeley was great tonight. It ended, umm, strangely. The stage is too easily accessible from the audience and 2 people ran up at the end

Security lapses aside, it was a beautiful night, and I’m glad we recorded it.

Yeah, some girl just ran up behind me while I’m ending Ordinary People. She hugged me and said I love you. She got arrested afterwards.

Then, when I finish the encore and take my final bow, I start walking toward stage left and another girl runs on stage to hug me.

And I never have a good answer to the interview question, “What’s the weirdest thing a fan has done to get your attention?” Now I do. Thanks

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One thought on “Strange Ending For John Legend’s Concert In Berkeley

  1. Angelica Smith says:

    Those girls must really like you to run up on the stage and hug you knowing they where going to get arrested they must have a lot of guts to do that.I wish I was there to see that but I never go to any of your concerts because my mom always has so many bills so we can’t never go any place fun but wish I where there.

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