Suai Doesn’t Like Records Handed To Her

Suai checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (January 27), talking about her songwriting talents. The Detroit R&B newcomer tells readers:

I’m a songwriter. Not a lot of people know about me, but I am what I am.

Wrote my first joint when I was 14. Solicited labels with original material. Got my deal off of original material. Over the course of the 3 years it took to record the album, I eased up and became open to the idea of co-writing… I love it now, it’s fun and challenging. Good stuff.
What I don’t like is having records “handed” to me. I understand that there are great songwriters and song-writing teams (*side-eye*) out there. But I like to be around for the creation of a record! I loathe showing up to the studio to find out the record is done. What?! It’s over?! I missed the party?! Can I at least change that line with the sexual reference? I like to be there when it’s nothing but a click or a drum loop. I like to see my babies develop! (I’m not crazy tho, I will accept a GREAT record written by someone else in a flash. But all records aren’t great and a lot of stuff that’s offered to me – I feel like I could’ve done myself?)

I even feel it when I perform. If I wasn’t a part of a record I’ve gotta work EXTRA hard to bring it on stage. There’s a disconnect. I’m new/young whatever. So people don’t always trust that I know what I’m talking about. I don’t 100% of the time, but sometimes I DO!

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