Support Ruben Studdard On December 9th

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Every morning while having breakfast at my desk, I go online to read the Daily News. Today, I see another article about that freakin’ Clay Aiken (who came in second place in this year’s American Idol competition) and how his album, which debuted this week, is number one on the Billboard charts.

Don’t get me wrong, Clay has a nice voice. But Clay did not win the competition. did.

Several things amaze me about this situation:

1. From what I can gather, Ruben and Clay are signed with J and RCA records, respectively. Last year, only the first place winner (don’t care to remember her name) was signed to a label and marketed. Next, RCA will have them touring together;

2. Clay is being promoted as the next Boy Wonder, the best thing next to sliced white bread. Truth is, he came in second. Not first place, but second;

3. The chick that won last year is still being promoted by her record label, as evidenced by the fact that her debut CD is still on the Billboard charts;

4. Don’t think America was (or ever will be) ready for an African American winner on American Idol, no matter how talented, cute and cuddly he is (sorry, I have this thing for king-size men). If this wasn’t the case, then Ruben would be on a whirlwind tour of the planet promoting his upcoming album;

5. In regards to the record label, they are seriously pushing the heck out of Clay and probably expect Ruben’s album to sell by word of mouth. And reviews of Clay’s album were not flattering in the least bit;

Which is why I propose this: Surely no one I know bought Clay’s album. We did not help to put him “on the map”. But we can do it for Ruben, who by far has the better voice. Aiken’s “Measure of a Man” sold 612,859 copies in its first week, giving him the third-highest debut of the year, (50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Trying” is number one for this year).

On Tuesday, December 9, Ruben Studdard’s CD “Soulful” hits stores nationwide. Go out and buy one or two copies and make sure your friends buy a copy also. With our dollars, we can surpass Clay’s first week’s numbers and remind J Records who they should have been promoting in the last few months. Also, let’s remind America who won their competition.

Put December 9th on your calendar. If you can, get the word out to people that you know.

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