Surviving TLC Members Phone CNN

Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas and Tionne ‘T-Boz’
Watkins phoned in to CNN’s Talk-Back Live about an hour ago to talk to host Arthel Neville about the death of their bandmate Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes yesterday in Honduras. For a complete transcript of their chat, read on (note: since no names were in the computer generated transcript, some of the comments just say ).

Arthel: Welcome back everybody. Grammy winner Lisa Lopes was killed
in a head on collision last night in Honduras. Officials say she was driving
at the time and died instantly. 7 other people in the car survived. Lisa
a was a member of TLC, the best selling girl group in history. Lisa a would
have turned 31 next month. And right now I have a very special interview
I want to share with you joining me on the phone are “T-boz” and Chilli
and thank you for taking the time on this very sad day. Offer my condolences
to you and the family.

TLC: Thank you.

Arthel: “T-boz” I want to start with you if I could. Could you tell
me about the Lisa you knew.

Yes. Lisa was one of the most biggest heart, the only person I knew
that would take a person off the street and take care of him. Give her
the shirt off her back. One of the most talented people I know as well.
Like all the talent that she had the people didn’t know about, building
furniture, air brushing painting, drawing, she put her mind to it she could
do everything you can think of. She built our stages for our tours. Anything.
She was just like really curious and would just like totally conquer anything
she wanted to do.

Arthel: She also as you told me earlier “T-boz” when i spoke to you
on the phone this morning you were telling me about how she just had so
much compassion for other people working with kids who were battered and
abused. Tell me a little bit about that.

T-Boz: I can’t right now remember the name of the foundation. She set
it on ‘How to be a Millionaire’ but she did a lot of work with the Lupus
Charity Foundation as well.

Arthel: I want to get new on this as well and tell us your memories
of Lisa “Chilli”.

Chilli: Lisa, she is very loving, she is weird because she’s a little
standoffish at first and when you can break that, it’s like she’s just,
she’s just the sweetest and she really, really loves people. Seemed like
she almost cared more for other people than for herself and I mean, she
was our sister. You know and no matter what we all went through, we are
sisters you now know. Sisters argue and they kiss and make up and that’s
just how our relationship was and.

Arthel: Absolutely. You know I want to talk to you a little bit about
what happened. We are hearing so many different reports and I know that
there were other people in the car included Egypt, a new girl group I guess
that Lisa was helping to produce and her brother and sister were in the
car as well as a couple producers, do you have any other information as
to what happened?

T-Boz: It’s kind of hard to talk about that right now.

Arthel: Yes, i understand.

T-Boz: We just found out on MTV for the first time how she actually
passed so that’s too hard.

TLC: We are too touched.

TLC: I’m sure when it’s time to come out the right way, it will.

Arthel: Absolutely. Have either of you, have you spoke to Andre at all?

TLC: No. Haven’t spoken to Andre.

Arthel: Now, again, this is certainly an untimely death and we are all
feeling really bad about the situation but I do have to ask you this. TLC.
What a great group and what impact that you had, positive impact on so
many young people. Have you thought about yet about what happens to the

TLC: I still, TLC’s still forever. Regardless. TLC is.

TLC: Through us people will always remember Lisa. Always be a group
and it doesn’t stop.

TLC Never be replaced. Ever.

“T-boz” and Chilli thank you for sharing your memories with us today.
Your prayers are with you and your family. That’s it for our show today.
Thank you so much for joining us.

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