Syleena Johnson – Certain Future?

What is exactly up with ? The soulful, talented and sometimes overly-confident Johnson has just released her third album, ‘Chapter 3: The flesh’. I bought the album in a hurry because her 2nd album was a classic that was MAJORLY underrated and I promised to continue to support her. This album is wonderful as well. She goes more for the sex-appeal sound than the usual soul, but it work because her voice is so edgy. However, this album debuted at #75 on the Billboard Top 100 and sold a mere 14,000 copies in first week sales. What do ya’ll think music future consists of? Rub the crystal ball and tell me what you all see.

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One thought on “Syleena Johnson – Certain Future?

  1. m1c7 says:

    She is ok…she just started her own record label Aneelys Records (Syleena backwards) and dropped Chapter 4: Labor Pains January 13, 2009! Go and get it…available on iTunes and in stores!

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