Syleena Johnson’s Message To Jennifer Hudson

The following message to was posted from on her MySpace blog on Monday (October 27):

My heart and thoughts go out to Jennifer Hudson and her family for the recent tragedy she has faced. As always, God will continue to protect and cover her.

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One thought on “Syleena Johnson’s Message To Jennifer Hudson

  1. Tamika Pearson says:

    I’m a big fan of Jennifer Hudson it is such a shame what happened to her family.It’s good to know she has an on going relationship with JESUS so he could guide her and the family through this.Jennifer be strong and keep going for your mother who wants to see you finish accomplishing your dreams.This is the devil and his selfish acts trying to bring down your spirits he’ll do anything to make that happen.Put everything in GOD’S hands and you will be just fine. Much Love from Tamika Pearson in Pittsburgh Pa,

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