T-Boz And Chilli At VMA’s For New Lisa Lopes AIDS Scholarship

In a very emotional moment on the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, ’s Chilli and T-Boz accepted a newly announced formation of the Lisa Lopes AIDS scholarship, which MTV is sponsoring giving $25,000 to a young person committed to the fight against AIDS. Read on for a transript of Carson Daly, Chillli, and T-Boz’s comments.

Carson: Thank you very much. Good evening. 1992 was the first time we heard from three Atlanta girls who gave the world a whole new groove. They were slick sassy and fun. By the time they dropped crazy sexy cool on us in ’94 they had turned to women simply defining their era with hip-hop breaks, they were the street smart girls next door. Five grammys and three VMA’s. But the importance in T.L.C. Isn’t measured in awards but memories and love and efforts they share with us. That sort of love can never die. Tonight we’re announcing the formation of the Lisa Lopes AIDS scholarship. A $25,000 educational grant to go a young person committed to the fight against AIDS our goal to inspire people in years to come the way Lisa did in her life. T.L.C. One of the most beloved groups in history, the biggest selling female group of all time and there is still more to come. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my honor to bring you T.L.C..

T-Boz: Thank you. I want to start off by saying God is good. That’s the only reason we’re able to stand here tonight. And I also want to thank Lisa’s family. Even if they don’t recognize their mother or brother and sister have given us tremendous strength. I also want to thank MTV, this is a big honor. Lisa would have been very happy. I want to thank T.L.C.’S fans. We have the best fans in the world. And because of the fans that’s the big part of the reason why we’re able to remain T-Boz and Chilli of T.L.C., Thank you.

Chilli: This is so hard, because it’s such a reality check because there is only two of us up here. And she’s so missed. But we want to thank everybody for your support. And being there for us. We really thank you. We love you guys. And we know that Lisa is smiling and we just hope she’s proud of us right now. Thank you.

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