702 Breakup Details In New Jawn’s Juice


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Jawn’s got details on 702 and their recent breakup. Also, news on Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross, Lil’ Kim, Jon B, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and Michelle Williams in this week’s Juice. Plus, what R&B/Pop princess is ready to break ties ways with her family and spread her wings? Jawn also has details on Angie Stone‘s love life and her star role on Broadway. All of these stories and so much more, in this week’s Juice. Check it out here.

702’s Surprises Can Indeed Be Pleasant On ‘Star’


Sal Cinquemani of slant magazine reviewed 702’s new album ‘Star’, giving it 3 out of 5 stars. Cinquemani writes, “Other girl groups may have bigger and better pipes, but with songs like this, 702 comes closest to capturing the buttery warm harmonies of Diana Ross and the Supremes–Destiny’s Child be damned. ‘Star’ exists to prove that surprises can indeed be pleasant.” Read more.

702’s Kameelah Makes Everthing Sound Sexy On ‘Star’


Craig Seymour of Vibe.com reviewed 702’s new effort ‘Star’, giving it 3 1/2 stars. Seymour writes, “Lyrically, the 702 sistas don’t have much to say. It’s all ‘Betcha she can’t rock you like me’ and ‘He’s a ho.’ But lead singer [Kameelah] Williams—Faith Evans’s new protégée—makes everything sound sexy and streetwise with her fluid, yet controlled, croons.”

Meelah Explains 702 Is Still Together


Launch.com has more comments from 702 from the Soul Train Awards over the weekend, where the group was nominated for best R&B/soul single, group, band or duo, for their song ‘Pootie Tangin’ from the Pootie Tang soundtrack. “We’ve been getting that question a lot today. And I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve been off the scene for a while. We didn’t break up as rumors speculated,” Meelah said. “We took a break. And I think taking a break is sometimes very much needed. It’s made us a lot stronger. In order to keep your unit, and your family tight, sometimes you have to just step back, take some time off, and come together.”

702 Hasn’t Broken Up, They Just Took A Break

Flo Anthony’s gossip to go report has more details on the 3LW turmoil, and also reports that 702 has not broken up. The 702 girls were at the Soul Train Awards and said it wasn’t true that Meelah was in Total and they have a new album coming out November 19th. Flo also says SWV is trying to get back together. Audio at k104fm.com has since been removed.