Alexandra Burke Doesn’t Know About Rumored & Cheryl Cole Romance

Alexandra Burke talked with ITN about whether she watches the soaps, how she keeps in shape, caring for her Yorkie, and what she thought about those relationship rumors between Chery Cole and “I don’t know if there’s any truth in that whatsoever,” the ‘X Factor’ winner said of her former mentor being linked to the Black Eyed Peas star. “I know that they have a great working relationship and they’re very, very good friends.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Why Was Leona Lewis A Brits No-Show?

After walking away empty handed last year, Leona Lewis didn’t show for this year’s BRIT Awards, so what did the stars make of the ‘X Factor’ winner’s no-show? ITN spoke with Calvin Harris, who reckoned she should have attended, since he showed up without even being nominated. The latest ‘X Factor’ winner Alexander Burke believes Lewis should have received more than one nomination, in the best single category which went to Girls Aloud. Watch footage, also featuring comments from Katie of The Ting Tings and Estelle below.

Alexandra Burke Gets A Scare From Jealous Ex-Boyfriend

News of the World reports ‘X Factor’ winner Alexandra Burke is fearful her ex-boyfriend Russell Brooks will attack her after she was forced to call the police on him for banging on her door and screaming at her early Wednesday morning in London. “Alex split up with Russell in September, just before things heated up with the ‘X Factor’,” a source told Don Wootton. “He certainly was not over her at the time and still isn’t now. Hours before the incident, Alex had been talking to Russell on the phone. When she told him she’d been hanging out with Ben [Adams], he lost it.”

Cheryl Cole Orders Alexandra Burke To Gain Weight

News of the World reports ‘The X Factor’ season five winner Alexandra Burke has been ordered by her mentor Cheryl Cole to gain some weight, which shocked the 20-year-old, given the Girls Aloud star is thinner than her. “Cheryl has been telling Alex she looks too skinny. She says she can see the weight loss in her face because her cheekbones stick out too much,” a source told the British tabloid. “But Alex thinks it’s crazy. She loves Cheryl to pieces but thinks, ‘Look who’s talking.’ Alex is very slim, but compared to Cheryl she looks like a giant. Cheryl is the one who needs to gain weight.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Alexandra Burke Visits Radio 1’s Chart Show

Hot from winning ‘The X Factor’, and with barely any voice left, Alexandra Burke spoke to Radio 1’s Fearne and Reggie at the end of Sunday’s Chart Show to premiere her new holiday single, a version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. Burke insisted she thought JLS were going to win, and said she “absolutely adores” Beyonce Knowles after the former Destiny’s Child star performed with her at the finale. As for Louis Walsh turning her down a couple years ago, Alexandra said she was thankful for that because she wouldn’t have been prepared for this at 16.

Asked what sort of record fans can expect, she said, “I always have my ideas. I wanna bring back old school music. It’s gonna be some old school meets new school, and where it was real music like Aretha [Franklin], Gladis Knight, Al Green, with a pop twist you know. If I can do that, well Hallelujah.” Listen to the interview via YouTube below.

Alexandra Burke Branded A Home-Wrecker

‘The X Factor’ winner Alexandra Burke has been branded a “ruthless home-wrecker” by Maggie West, who told News of the World her husband D’andre fell for the songbird four years ago. “I was left all by myself with a baby to raise while Alex got what she wanted,” 27-year-old Maggie fumed. “She completely changed him. Before Alex, he was a great partner, he would cook and was cool and easy – going. Once the baby came he was amazing. He was the only one who could put her to sleep. He would be up in the night with bottles, changing nappies. But when Alex came into the picture all of that changed, especially after he left. He was a completely different person — totally under her command.”

The story at has since been removed.

Alexandra Burke Wins ‘The X Factor’

Alexandra Burke won ‘The X Factor’ last night over JLS, and ITN has the winning moment, as well as her press conference afterwards with mentor and Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole. “I’m so proud to know, to be able to say I’ve stood on the same stage as Leona, and two years on I’ve won after Leona Lewis and Leon Jackson.” Cole said she wouldn’t compare Burke’s style to Leona Lewis beyond that they’re both female. Burke performed on the finale with Beyonce Knowles. “She was so lovely, she knew my name when she met me,” Burke said of Knowles. Watch the post show press conference below.