Alicia Keys Helps Save The Music

Alicia Keys was at AT&T Broadband and VH1’s Save the Music Foundation at Jose De Diego Community Academy today as the special guest for the event which is set to receive $156,000 worth of musical instruments to restore music education to the Chicago Public Schools.

Another Alicia Keys Chart-Topper Coming Soon

Alicia Keys and the others who performed on the America: A Tribute to Heroes telethon last Friday will be featured in a CD that will be out in a matter of weeks, according to the New York Daily News’ Mitchell Fink. While a price for the album hasn’t been set, both the artists and the record companies manufacturing and distribution have waived any of their fees and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the September 11th Telethon Fund. Insiders predict the album will clear 10-15 million copies.

Alicia Keys To Perform On Network Telethon

Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson, U2, Bruce Springsteen, as well as a handful of other music industry superstars will be performing Donny Hathaway’s, “SOMEDAY WE’LL ALL BE FREE” LIVE on the special television event, “America: A Show of Unity.” Alicia Keys joins a stellar group of artists to raise money and pay respect to those individuals who have lost their lives in the World Trade Center Attack. All proceeds will go to the World Trade Center Relief Fund, recently initiated by New York State’s Governor, George Pataki. The program will broadcast live from 9-11pm on Friday, Sept 21st on all four national networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, as well as, multiple networks internationally. Other artists to perform include Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and Sheryl Crow.

Earlier Billboard Reports Of Alicia Keys #1 False

Billboard announced today that due to a miscalculation of not counting 52,000 of System of A Down’s Toxicity Limited Release album, Alicia Keys Songs in A Minor was actually the #2 selling album for the week.

Hits magazine David Benveniste told, “We knew it should have been Number One from the start. At first glance I was concerned and quite frankly shocked at the lower number.”’s Christopher John Farley Mixed On Alicia Keys’s Christopher John Farley reviewed the MTV Video Music Awards and gave a strongly negative review of the show. While absolutely bashing *NSYNC and Britney Spears, he had mixed thoughts about Alicia Keys performance.

Farley said “Alicia Keys was holding it down for real talent at the ceremony” but added “the instrumental mix on her performance was somewhat overdone.” Read more.

Alicia Keys Wins Best New Artist @ VMAs

Alicia Keys won Best New Artist at the Video Music Awards last night in New York. A flustered Alicia told the crowd, “I’m trying to be cool y’all. I don’t even know how to stand at the podium, y’all carrying on. All right! I barely know what to say.”

“Thank you to god of course, always first and foremost. Thank you to all of y’all out here, over there, up there. Thank you to MTV for your support. Thank you to everybody for your support. It’s unbelievable. Thank you to — thank you. Thank you to Jeff Robinson and MBK (Entertainment) for long years and holding me down. To Carry brothers. My mom, holding me down. Thank you to everybody who put all the work into this. Mr. Clive Davis, the record family. Thank you. Thank you. All right. I guess I should wrap it up. But thank you. I mean, my goodness. Thank you so much. Thank you.”