Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Hubby Seeking $10 Million Divorce Settlement

Blake Fielder-Civil claims he is entitled to a $10 million divorce settlement because he inspired Amy Winehouse’s hit album ‘Back To Black’, but the 25-year-old singer vows he’ll never get away with the her riches.

“Amy did write Back To Black when Blake left her, but why on earth should he be getting a dime for making her feel so bad,” Amy’s close friend told News of the World. “She was at her lowest ebb when she wrote that album. Her boyfriend had left her for another woman and she poured her heart and soul into the writing process. It’s like saying that the man who writes a book about his murdered wife should give the murderer some of the profits. It’s an absolutely ridiculous request.”

Amy Winehouse: I Want Blake Fielder-Civil Back

The Mirror was invited by Amy Winehouse on her first night out in London in two months, where the troubled soul singer talked about reuniting with husband Blake Fielder-Civil. “I’m going to win my Blake back – whatever it takes,” the 25-year-old said. “I still love him.”

Winehouse added, “I want him back. I still love him and I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I don’t feel pretty, but being married to Blake makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Amy Winehouse: I’m Off Drugs For Good

Amy Winehouse spoke with News of the World in St. Lucia as she vacationed with her new boyfriend Josh Bowman, a far cry from her junkie husband Blake Fielder-Civil. The singer insisted she’s kicked drugs forever, giving her a “new zest for life.”

“Blake was rubbish in bed,” Amy revealed. “Do you know what? Almost every time I slept with him it was like I was dead. I don’t know what’s going on with us now and for the time being I’ve just forgotten I’m even married. I’m just here on my own, happy and having a good time with Josh. I’ll deal with Blake when I get back. But our whole marriage was based on doing drugs. So being with someone like Josh is much better for me.”

The full story and video at has since been removed.

Amy Winehouse Dances Topless On A Balcony

Amy Winehouse was again spotted topless while on vacation in St. Lucia, this time alarming elderly tourists at a resort by performing a bizarre dance on a balcony. “It was hilarious,” a source told the British tabloid. “Amy’s balcony is over a quiet part of the resort that’s popular with older guests. The mood was suddenly shattered by loud music, then Amy Winehouse appeared with her bits hanging out. She was dancing and slurring along to the music, oblivious to everything.” Read more and watch the video here.

Amy Winehouse Topless In St. Lucia

Amy Winehouse was photographed topless after the singer removed her bikini top vacationing in on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. “Amy just whipped off her top and dived in to the sea without a care in the world,” an onlooker told News of the World. “She was looking a better than she has for a while. A bit of sun is just what she needs.”

The story and images at have since been removed.

Amy Winehouse Back In The Hospital

Amy Winehouse is back in the hospital after having a bad reaction to the prescription medication she’s being given to help beat her drug addiction. Watch a report from ITN below.

Amy Winehouse’s Father: She’ll Become A Role Model For Youth

Amy Winehouse 'Back To Black'

A wax figure of Amy Winehouse was unveiled by her parents in London. The singer’s father Mitch said Winehouse needed “the boost” because her husband was recently sentenced to 27 months in prison. “She’s not at the top of her form right now because Blake’s down in prison. But she kinda understood that would happen and she’s gonna deal with it in her own way.” He added, “Amy’s making great efforts to solve her own problems and she’s doing extremely well. When this is all finished, she will become a positive role model for young people. How to overcome that problem.” Watch a clip of Mitch standing next to the wax figure below.

James Gostelow Happy To Have Been Punched By Amy Winehouse

James Gostelow spoke with BBC after getting smacked by Amy Winehouse during her performance at Glastonbury over the weekend. “I saw a hat being thrown from behind me and it hit Amy’s beehive,” he said. “She looked down, saw me looking up, and her elbow went for me.” But James isn’t upset with the troubled singer. “At the end of the day it is all part of being at the front and being pushed by thousands of people,” Gostelow explained. “It is all part of the Glastonbury experience. I’m just pleased I got to see her. She did a great act. Not everyone can say they have been hit by Amy Winehouse. I just want to shake the hand of the person who threw the hat.” Watch footage of the incident at YouTube.

Dad Says Amy Winehouse Has Emphysema

Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch Winehouse tells the Sunday Mirror that the troubled singer is suffering the early stages of emphysema. “With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes her lungs are all gunked up,” Mitch explained. “There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She’s got 70 percent lung capacity.” Mitch also warned Amy’s drug dealers and addict pals like Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty should stay away from his daughter. “I’m saying to those drug dealers, and they know who they are, if they are supplying crack to Amy, then they’ve got to take responsibility,” he said. “I don’t want her hanging out with her mates like Pete Doherty either. What hope does she have if people are taking drugs around her? Already Amy says she feels better and wants to leave hospital and that worries me.”

Update: The story at has since been removed.

Neil Sean Weighs In On Amy Winehouse

British police have charged a man and woman with supplying Amy Winehouse with cocaine and ecstasy. Watch a report from Charlie D’Agata of CBS News, featuring comments from gossip guru Neil Sean. “I think most people now will only remember Amy Winehouse, sadly, for being a drug addict,” Neil said. Watch the report below the fold.