Angie Stone Thinks Soul Is

Tom Lanham of the San Franscisco Examiner talked with Angie Stone about the sound of her new album which Stone says, “What I’ve tried to do is keep the realness in it by not watering it down, not making the kind of record that radio is automatically gonna play because its BPMs meet Missy Elliot’s BPMs, or because it’s got the same drum sound that Timbaland used.” As for others in the genre, Stone adds, “I really feel that soul music today is so commercialized, that they’ve taken out the real substance.”

Angie Stone Left New York Behind After September 11

Pulse Magazine talked to Angie Stone and got her reaction to the terror attacks against the United States September 11 where the singer admitted, “And I never thought I’d witness anything like that in my lifetime. The bridges had all been shut down and I thought, “OK-that’s my cue.’ I just got in my car and drove south, back home to South Carolina. My daughter was there already, so I grabbed my son out of school and just left.” Read more.

Warmth And Strength In New Stone / Evans CDs

Steve Jones of USA Today reviewed Angie Stone’s Mahogany and Faith Evans’ Faithfully giving each great reviews, though gave Stone’s work 4 stars with 3 stars for Evans. Jones says, “Each brings a warmth and strength of character to her music that says, sure, she’ll stand by her man, but if he crosses her, there’ll be hell to pay. Each also has a confidence in her own talent that allows her to inhabit or float over just about any kind of beat without ever relying on it to carry a song.” Read more.

Preview ‘Mahogany Soul’ By Angie Stone

Angie Stone 'Mahogany Soul' album cover had a preview available for Angie Stone’s new album “Mahogany Soul”, which removed. BET also talked to Angie about the album where the singer admitted, “I really enjoyed experimenting with different sounds on Mahogany. I was able touch upon a lot of topics and I give glory to God for the opportunity to record it.”

Angie Stone On The A List’s Anthony Decurtis had his first post-September 11 interview with R&B artist Angie Stone. Angie says artists have a duty to deliver a relieving message to a public that is speechless about what happened. has since removed the video.