Letoya Luckett Is Still A Member Of Anjel

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Letoya Luckett has not left the group, She is simply taking a break to pursue something’s she has been wanting to do for a very long time. The ladies of Anjel support her 100%. Letoya, Nadia, Latavia and Tiffany AKA “Anjel” will be making some noise sometime this year. – David Brewer

Anjel In The New Modern Hair & Braids Magazine

Anjel are featured in the October issue of Modern Hair & Braids Magazine. They have an interview with 3 new pictures. When asked when they decided to create the new group, LaTavia responded, “In the summer of 2000, Brandon and Brian (the twins from
Jagged Edge) told us that we should create another group. I said no, I will pass on the whole group thing. I did it once and I put my
heart into it. I just couldn’t see myself doing it twice. Then about six weeks later they convinced me and we started auditioning girls.
Now we have Anjel.”

Anjel Sightings!

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The ousted members of Destiny’s Child is out of sight, out of mind-wrong! Since the breakup and drama, Letoya Luckett and Latavia Roberson have true fans, some so dedicated to have two years of hard work and dedication to make a site promoting them. Anjel consists of Letoya, Latavia, Naty, and Tiffany and they have been making their way back into public’s eye. From Jamie’s Sister2Sister anniversary party, serenading the audience with ‘Missin’ You Boy’, with tight harmonies and will appear in recent issues of Black Hair magazine. From America to Amsterdam, Anjel has fansites and believe that Anjel will do the damn thing! You can visit The Anjel Connection at www.theanjelconnection.cjb.net, it’s hot! You also join The Anjel Connection’s yahoo group and listen to Anjel sing ‘Missin’ You Boy’, and the song that L&L took leads on, ‘I Can’t help Myself and ‘Sweet Sixteen’ in the Files section. Tone deaf- I think not!

The Latest Gossip On Anjel & R. Kelly Interview Reaction

K104’s Flo Anthony talked about the Latoya and Latavia lawsuit they are facing by the attorney that represented them against Destiny’s Child for non-payment. Flo also talked about the R. Kelly interview that really didn’t have any new information, and speculated that his lawyers let him do it knowing he isn’t going to get charged. Audio at k104fm.com has since been removed.

More Talk About R. Kelly & Anjel

Flo Anthony and the DJ’s at K104 chatted up the latest gossip on R. Kelly’s latest alleged underaged sex lawsuit. In addition, they talked a bit about the Anjel, as Flo says they look like they have no stylist, no hairdresser, or no clothes. Finally, they discussed the morning show war over Alicia Keys. Audio at k104fm.com has since been removed.

LaTavia And LeToya/Anjel Part 3

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Sorry guys that you are receiving it in pieces but this is a LOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG interview and my hands get tired! *lol*

Jamie: Okay David, tell me what the sound is gonna be like for Anjel.

David: They are all singing solo lines. And so that the readers really get a clear, clear picture of what I;m talking about, I would say that LaTavia is a better T-Boz. This is the sound that they can expect from LaTavia. It’s T-Boz but better. LeToya is a cross between Minnie Ripperton, which is out of the stratosphere with her high voice, and some times there are hints of Mariah Carey in the middle voice. But the top is fantastic. And Naty is what I would call, well she wipes Jennifer Lopez off the planet and she has the sound of..do you know who Sara Conner is? She’s a pop singer. So basically, Naty has a very clean and popish sound that she can add flavor to. I would call it very spicy.

LaTavia And Letoya / Anjel Part 2

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Jamie: How did you all find Tiffany?

LaTavia: You know what, Jamie? I think that the reason why I knew that we were complete once we had Tiffany was because she was being brought to us. Somebody brought her to me and somebody different brought her to LeToya.

La Tavia And Le Toya Introduce Their New Group

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I must be crazy because I am going to type out the interview for those who don’t have it or can’t find it!

A Jamie Foster Brown Interview:

The first time I interviewed Le Toya and La Tavia, they had just separated from Destiny’s Child. We received an overwheming response from our readers and they’ve been relentless in their quest to keep up with how the are doing and what’s next. Well, Le Toya and LaTavia wanted to make sure the timing was right because they didn’t say anything to the media… including S2S… until we suddenly got a call from them. They’re ready. The ladies have formed a new four-member group called AnJel. They added Tiffany, a young lady from Houston, and Naty, a spicy Latina from Connecticut. I had a bunch of Questions to ask Anjel and although Tiffany couldn’t make it for the interview, I got a earful on the group, their new style and sound and their take on the inevitble question: how will AnJel compare to Destiny’s Child?

Latavia And Letoya In Sister 2 Sister

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Former members of Destiny’s child , Letoya Luckett and Latavia Roberson will be on the cover of the upcoming issue of Sister2Sister magazine. They will have an exclusive interview. Also they are supposed to drop their single or album next month under the new group name Anjel.