Ashanti Comments On ‘Foolish’ spoke with Ashanti Douglas about her debut solo single ‘Foolish’, which has done well following her chart topping collaborations with Ja Rule and Fat Joe. The track was number 10 on TRL Tuesday. Ashanti told Launch, “Irv Gotti came up with the idea–he came up with the whole track. I was a little scared to attempt it at first, because, you know, it was a Biggie classic, and he’s like, ‘It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be hot.’ So he gave me the idea and I kinda ran with it, and then we had ‘Foolish.'”

Ashanti Says Double Hit Success ‘Feels Great’

Steve Jones of USA Today spoke with Ashanti Douglas who is getting major buzz after the huge ‘Always On Time’ hit with Ja Rule and now ‘What’s Luv?’ with Fat Joe. Her solo debut is set for a April 9 release. Ashanti admits of all the recent attention, “It feels great. I always knew Always on Time would be a monster and that What’s Luv? was coming out, but I had no clue (producer Irv Gotti) was going to drop my song at the same time.” Read more.