B2K Home Video Coming

B2K’s official site announced that the group will be having a brand new home video entitled ‘Introducing B2K’. It features the clips for ‘Uh Huh’ and ‘Gots Ta Be,’ the Making of ‘Gots Ta Be’ and exclusive interview footage. Look out for it to hit stores April 30.

B2K Ready Album Release Tuesday

Latoya Hunter of Katrillion spoke with J-Boog about B2K’s self titled album due out Tuesday. J-Boog said, “We have songs (on the album) that we would want everybody to relate to — whether it’s a girl or a boy. It’s about going to parties (and) what the average teenager would do.”

B2K Leaves Fans Goin’ Crazy At TRL

B2K was on NBC’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to talk with Carson Daly and play their hit song ‘Uh Huh’. The guys hyped up their album out next Tuesday and played a 45 second Q&A session. They guys say they don’t have girlfriends and their most often ate food on the road was McDonalds. Read on to check out a transcript.

B2K Searches Huge In January

B2K searches on pay-per search engine Overture.com were very high during the month of January, approaching top boy bands Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC with over 187,000 searches in the month. The group’s most popular song was ‘Love You’, followed by ‘Uh Huh’, while there were few misspellings because of the relatively simple name, but B3k was the most common, followed by B2L.

B2K On Diets

Right On Magazine reports that when B2K appeared at Barcode in New York City recently, the group had to resist the popcorn and soda that was being given to their fans. “We’re on diets,” they told the screaming fans. They did do autographs for the fans though.

B2K On Live With Regis And Kelly

B2K will be on Live with Regis and Kelly on Friday, February 22. I assume they’ll be performing ‘Uh Huh’ and will chat with the hosts about their new self titled debut album out March 12.

B2K Reveal They Are Single

Shaheem Reid of MTV spoke with B2K where member J-Boog revealed to them, “We’re all single and available.” As for the success of their #1 single ‘Uh Huh’, Raz-B offered, “The single, we’re just thankful for all the wonderful fans we’ve got and everybody showing B2K love.” Read more.

B2K Cause Havok At Planet Hollywood

Katrillion was on hand as R&B boy-band B2K causing a literal riot at their performance in New York’s Planet Hollywood on Thursday. The screaming and crying fans were so out of control chefs from the restaurant were called in to restrain some of the crowd that had rushed the stage. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.