‘Life After B2K’ Reality Show Preview Part 2

Life After B2K

Another clip featuring the B2K reality show ‘Life After B2K’ has been posted online. Lil Fizz, Raz-B, and J-Boog talked about the B2K trademark and if Omarion would take measures to block them from owning the name… Bitterness is still high. Watch the clip below.

‘Life After B2K’ Reality Show Preview

Can B2K members get back together to make hit records again? The reality show ‘Life After B2K’ is documenting Dreux ‘Lil’ Fizz’ Frederic, DeMario ‘Raz-B’ Thornton, and Jarell ‘J-Boog’ Houston attempt a comeback without the group’s most popular member, Omari ‘Omarion’ Grandberry. Lil Fizz wrote in a bulletin the other day, “Yes ladies you hear it right, we are doing a reality show! I will put up some clips on YouTube soon!” A preview at YouTube has since been removed.

Raz B: I’m Not Gay… No Beef With Lil Fizz

Former B2K member Raz B posted the following messages in a bulletin to his Myspace friends on Tuesday and Wednesday (August 21-22) in reaction to his ex-bandmate Lil Fizz refusing to comment on Raz’s sexual preference:

Let me put something out on the table right now. Here is my official response to all these gay rumors going around about myself.

1. Yes I heard the radio interview Fizz did.
2. No I am not upset with him and we do not have beef.
Now, a lot of people seem to believe I am gay. Well I am here to say IT’S NOT TRUE. I have expressed that many many times and frankly if some people can not understand that and still want to be ignorant about the subject matter then so be it. As I said before in a magazine interview and excuse my language, but I love *****..I love the female body and I just have love for women in general.

I have nothing against the gay community, yes I support them. Why discriminate against someone due to their sexual orientation? I’m not close minded and I’m not stuck in a primitive decade. They have feelings to because they are human just like a hetrosexual male or female. Who is anyone to judge just because others discriminate against it? In a way that’s no different than being a racist. I said in a way..I didn’t say it was exactly the same, so don’t send me messages saying “it’s not the same thing” if u disagree.


Bobby Brown Talks Whitney & Three Of B2K Reunite?

Contributed Anonymously:

Bobby Brown rocks Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage and talks to Jawn Murray in the BV Buzz about wife Whitney Houston. There’s also cruise news on Babyface, Wanda Sykes, Vickie Winans, Earth Wind & Fire and Sheryl Underwood. Plus, find out what Hollywood actor Serena Williams is dating; where you can see three of the B2K boys together again; and the sad story behind the death of Stevie Wonder’s mom.

The article at blackvoices.com has since been removed.

B2K’s Raz B Talks Gay Rumors And Avant Gets With Heather Hunter

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B2K’s Raz B talks about the rumors that he is gay in Jawn Murray’s BV Buzz. He also talks about his upcoming guest role on the gay show, ‘Noah’s Arc’, on the Logo network. Plus, Avant goes on a date with porn star Heather Hunter. Find out how it turned out. There’s also news on Gabrielle Union, Nicole Murphy, Laurence Fishburne, Karrine Steffans, J. August Richards and Gladys Knight.

The article at blackvoices.com has since been removed.

B2K Performing At Joe Jackson’s 75th Birthday Bash

The Las Vegas Sun reports that B2K was booked to perform at Joe Jackson’s 75th birthday this weekend at a private mansion in Vegas. Several celebs and family members are flying in to attend, but apparently not his famous son Michael Jackson.

Bizzy Bone Denies Signing With B2K’s Label

While Bizzy Bone admitted to AllHipHop.com there were talks with B2K about joining their Super Fam Records, the signing never officially happened. “It is not true, at all. I didn’t know that they had a label, actually,” he said. “The last that I heard about B2K was that the lead singer left. I had talked to a member on the phone a few times. He wanted to do a deal with me. I said, ‘You know what? I’ve been in this game for twelve years professionally. Send me paperwork because [it] rules this game.’ I never got a call back from this kid.”