Omarion And J-Boog Pre-Breakup Interview

J-Boog of B2K

Right before B2K broke up, Omarion and J-Boog did an interview with’s Billy Johnson Jr. to promote their then new album, the soundtrack to ‘You Got Served.’ A transcript at has since been removed.

B2K’s ‘You Got Served’ Tops Box Office

The Associated Press reports that despite their recent split, B2K debuted in the top slot at the box office with their dance flick ‘You Got Served’, pulling in $16 million. Playing in 1,933 theaters, ‘You Got Served’ averaged a healthy $8,277. “It’s one of those movies that flies beneath the radar, then suddenly, it’s at No. 1,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations. “It just shows when you go after that teen audience, it’s an audience that definitely has power.”

‘You Got Served’ Premiere Photos

Omarion, Marque Houston, Blu Cantrell, B2K, and 3LW’s Adrienne Bailon were amongst the stars on hand for the premiere of ‘You Got Served’ at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California on Thursday (January 29). Check out pictures from PRPhotos.

B2K Update In This Week’s Jawn’s Juice

Jawn’s just off the plane from Los Angeles and has a full report from Tinseltown, including more exclusive news on B2K and the movie ‘You Got Served’. Plus, there’s news on La Toya Jackson, Mike Tyson, Prince, Dottie Peoples, George Wallace, Kelis and Irma P. Hall in this week’s Juice. Jawn also has information on a brand new magazine and a contest to win a free subscription. Plus, what Hollywood actress yanked out her dentures in an audition in an effort to earn a role? All of these stories and so much more in this week’s Juice. Check it out here.

Ray J Reportedly To Join B2K

MTV News reports that according to B2K’s J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil Fizz’s business partners, Brandy’s younger brother, Ray J, will replace former lead singer Omarion, who left earlier this month. A label spokesperson for B2K had no knowledge of the roster addition. Read more.

Omarion Promised B2K ‘Together Forever’ Before Split

Omarion of B2K

Ironically in the February issue of Teen People, the solo career of Omarion is profiled. “It’s a big step for me,” Omari said, assuring the magazine that it wasn’t the end of B2K. “We’ll be together forever,” he insisted.

Omari, MH & Stokes Speak About B2K Break-Up

Wednesday on BET’s 106 and Park, Omarion sat with AJ to share his version of B2K’s break-up. Former B2K manager Chris Stokes and Marques Houston were also on the show to talk about the situation. Omari said that disconnected phones made any outreach on his part impossible. “Numbers changed. We have been trying to reach out and haven’t been able to get in contact with them.” O said. “We really wish they would reach out.” has since removed the video.

B2K Split May Lead To Court Battles

Groovevolt has more details behind the drama between B2K’s Lil Fizz, J-Boog, and Raz-B and former manager Chris Stokes and departed member Omarion. They report that the breakup of the group is likely to turn ugly as they are faced with a number of legal complications as a result of the split, including an endorsement deal with Southpole, who may sue because a split group would violate the terms of their contract which requires them to participate in two photo shoots — they’ve only done one.

The update at has since been removed (the site shut down).

B2K Discuss Their Status

Jawn Murray of EUR spoke with B2K members Lil’ Fizz (Dreux Frederic), J-Boog (Jarrell Houston) and Raz B (De’mario Thornton) following their split with Chris Stokes last week. Asked about the groups’ status, J-Boog responded, “The group did not break up! Us three [me, Raz B and Lil’ Fizz] made the decision to leave Chris. Omarion decided to continue with him. To my knowledge, the four of us own the name B2K and the three of us plan to perform as B2K. We don’t plan on slamming the name or doing anything negative with the name.” Read more.

B2K Appear On BET’s 106 & Park

Contributed Anonymously:

For those of you that may have missed it, on Wednesday (January 7), 3/4’s of the group B2K (J-Boog, Raz-B, and Lil Fizz) appeared on 106 & Park. AJ, Free’s co-host wasn’t present so she was interviewing them by herself.

During the show, the group opened up to the fans and really let them know what the situation was with them leaving T.U.G. Managment and now being Self-Managed.