Jamelia & Beverley Knight Comment On Leona Lewis Assault

Katherine Jenkins, Jamelia, Beverley Knight and Brian Friedman are among those wishing Leona Lewis well, after she was assaulted at her book signing. “Honestly I was absolutely appalled,” Jamelia told ITN. “I can’t believe somebody would act like that in any capacity. Especially Leona, I just think she’s such a sweet person. For someone to do something like that to her is just diobolical. I would never support anything like that. I’m just shocked and I hope she’s okay. I hope she’s not traumatized by that experience.”

Beverley Knight No Longer Eats For Comfort

Fabulous magazine caught up with British soul singer Beverley Knight, asking the 36-year-old about her hair, face, breasts, stomach and butt. “When I was in my late 20s I ate for comfort,” Knight told the publication. “Over two years I piled on the pounds, but didn’t notice I needed to lose it – until I saw a picture of myself with boobs and a moon face. When the relationship I was in ended, I started to eat sensibly and the weight fell off. I’m a size 6 now.”

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Beverley Knight Launches Cosmetics Line

British soul singer Beverley Knight is launching a line of cosmetic products for women of color. She spoke with ITN about the project, saying that she only would sign on if she was actively involved with the products. “There’s such a huge gap in the market for makeup for women of a darker skin that I thought yeah, I think as a woman who has struggled in the past to find makeup that’s worked for me, I felt yeah, I could definitely be a part of this from creation to conception all the way up,” Knight explained. Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Beverley Knight Is Happy Being Single

Beverley Knight spoke with The Sunday Mirror about how she’s “happy solo” even as her friends constantly try to find her a man. “I’m so happy to be single,” she said. “I love being on my jack. Not because my ex-boyfriend was a nightmare, he wasn’t. He was a good bloke, but it became clear we were two incompatible people. I’ve realized it’s been the best thing to have time to just be Bev. It’s fantastic to have the freedom not to check-in with someone. It’s also made me realize how much you can learn from each relationship.” Read more.