Bobby V: 50 Cent A Perfect Fit For ‘Alter Ego’

Bobby V

Bobby V says 50 Cent was a natural fit for his sensual single ‘Alter Ego’. “I think that he was perfect for that. He’s been doing a lot of songs now. He’s not really talking about the ‘shoot ’em, bang, bang’ as much more now,” the R&B singer told MTV News. “He’s much more on the ladies’ side of things now, so I just felt like it was right on that introductory tip for me and him to kind of collab on that kind of song.”

Words Don’t Mean A Thing To Bobby V

Bobby V

Bobby V spoke with about his new album ‘Fly on the Wall’ and songs off the CD, including ‘Words’ and ‘Phone Number’. The R&B singer also talked movies, music he’s been listening to lately and collaborations. “Basically with this song right here, I’m just talking about words don’t mean a thing to me. It’s all about actions, because everybody can say something,” Bobby said of the song that brought a tear to his eye, ‘Words’. Watch the interview here.

Bobby V Hypes Cyhi Da Prince

Bobby V talks about Cyhi Da Prince

Bobby V thinks rapper Cyhi Da Prince is going to be the next rapper to make it big. “I’ve seen him grow from back in the day, in A-town,” Bobby said. “He’s a rapper, but he’s hot. He’s definitely very lyrical… I think he’s definitely up next.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Bobby V ‘Words’ Video

Bobby V 'Words'

Bobby V is out with the music video to his new single ‘Words’, off the Atlanta R&B artist’s fourth studio album ‘Fly On The Wall’, out soon on EMI. Watch it via Vimeo below.

Bobby V Performs ‘Words’

Bobby V live

Bobby V posted footage from his ‘Words’ performance at a recent show. The song is the first single off the Atlanta R&B singer’s upcoming album ‘Fly on the Wall’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Happy Holidays From Bobby V

Bobby V Happy Holidays

Bobby V spread some holiday cheer with a message on his YouTube channel, where the singer also talked about his new album ‘Fly on the Wall’, coming out soon. “It’s an album that you can really ride to from beginning to end, and I pride myself in making records that you can start from the top to bottom, and that’s what ‘Fly On The Wall’ will be,” Bobby said. Watch the message via YouTube below.

Bobby V Wants Nicole Scherzinger Under The Mistletoe

Bobby V

Bobby V shared with Rap-Up TV which of music’s hottest women he would like to kiss under the mistletoe. The artist put Keri Hilson, Ciara and Brandy in the 7 category, but Nicole Scherzinger would be his preference. “That’s who I’d want for sure under the mistletoe,” Bobby said. “Is she married? When you all break up, put me next on the list, for real. Out of all them, that’s my favorite right now. She’s winning the race, for sho. I’m takin’ her to momma, daddy, sista, uncles, where you wanna go baby, we goin… She can have all my [money] till I’m broke.” Watch the comments via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Bobby V ‘Words’ Video Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes footage from Bobby V’s third video off the new album ‘Fly On The Wall’ has been posted online. “We’re not shooting at the Tupac center, and this place is a historical place, so you know it’s only right by me doing this historic record, I come to a place like this to do the song,” Bobby said about ‘Words’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Bobby V Live In Atlanta

Bobby V Atlanta

Highlights from Bobby V’s live set at Park Tavern in Atlanta for the R&B Live series on October 19th have been posted online. Watch the Atlanta R&B singer performing ‘Mrs. Officer’, ‘Beep Beep’ and ‘Phone Number’ via YouTube below.