Dionne Warwick Response To Radio One’s Cathy Hughes

Dionne Warwick is responding to comments made by Radio One’s Cathy Hughes to Essence, criticizing Warrick for campaigning for the Performance Rights Act, which Hughes says could be a “tax” that prompts the death of black radio. “Nobody is playing Dionne Warwick. When was the last time she had an album,” Hughes said.

Warwick writes on the Huffington Post:

I was surprised when Radio One’s Cathy Hughes added my name to the list of African American artists and civil rights activists she’s attacked in her vicious campaign against fairly compensating musicians for their work. Then again, since smearing African American leaders to protect her profits has become Ms. Hughes siren song, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Every time we buy a CD or download a song, the artist is paid for their work. You might not know that this isn’t the case when a musician’s work is played on the radio. That’s because corporate radio CEOs like Cathy Hughes are exploiting a legal loophole that allows them to play these artists songs without paying them for their work.

Read more on what Dionne had to say here.

Dionne Warwick Finishing New Album

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Dionne Warwick is putting the finishing touches on her new album for the Concord label — featuring duets with Britney Spears, Gladys Knight and her cousin, Whitney Houston. Suntimes.com has since removed the article.

Dionne Warwick Performs With The BBC Concert Orchestra

Music legend Dionne Warwick performed an exclusive concert for Radio 2 with the BBC Concert Orchestra, from The Mermaid in London, England.

A replay of the performance and pictures at BBC.co.uk has since been removed.

Ashanti To Portray Dionne Warwick On ‘American Dreams’

Ashanti will portray Dionne Warwick on the NBC series ‘American Dreams’, which will air December 15 at 8 PM ET/PT. Ashanti will sing Warwick’s song ‘Walk On By’, which is featured on Warwick’s 1964 breakthrough album ‘Make Way For’.