Erykah Badu Not Hapy With MC’s Rapping Over Techno Music

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu is sounding off on today’s rap music scene and how it has become to influenced by techno, a trend she’s not happy about. The R&B singer told her Twitter followers (@fatbellybella):

How y’all gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music.

We don’t own our music no more.

Come to think of it, did we EVER own it?

Where is the funk AT?

When I say own our music, I’m not talkin bout the artist I’m talkin bout the people … let me be quiet.

I definitely don’t want to offend anyone . young people, I know this is the music of your generation.

I wann hear from the young people? Easy for me to complain about this techno-pop cause I have a taste for something else. but how do u feel?

These rappers ought to be shame of they damn selves.

Man, let me go to bed …

I’m talkin bout the mc’s rappin over this pop techno music…

I guess I’m just old

I believe in pimpin the system buy got DAMN! not like this. #pop-technosongs

They playd 6 in a row today- #pop techno songs back to back. With so called r&b and rap artist… on the hop hop station. Where I been?

Like I said, how y’all gone STAND by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music?

I like the idea of no distinction in race when it comes 2 music, but SOULkeepers, U dont give up the boom bip and the hump 4 the payday..

I love house and techno as a side dish. But now it’s served as the main course AND that’s ALL u gone get. Like chittlins in the back house.

I love music PERIOD. Just not ready to say goodbye to the boom bip and the hump .. Kinda painful for my generation to see. Just strange 2me.

Yes, no1 wants 2B poor again. Artist have2 sacrifice integrity of the music sometimes 2 make ends meet. This is understood. But gotDAMN now.

The radio owners and progammers claim to do testing to see what songs score highest. But labels and radio are catering to who got the $.

Keep in mind that people who don’t have an appetite for soul in music see nothing wrong with the mainstream radio and video of today .

If you’ve never tasted good pu**y your satisfied with a** hole. (that’s terrible ain’t it .) lol #Iwanttheboombipback!

Erykah Badu Performs On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Erykah Badu was spotted leaving ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ and grabbed a camera to photograph the paparazzi on March 25th in New York City. Watch her performing ‘Window Seat’ on the show at YouTube.

The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

Erykah Badu In 97 Seconds

Hot 97 TV presents 97 Seconds with Erykah Badu, where the R&B singer discusses who she doesn’t try to control the process of what comes out when songwriting, liking to see innovative artists, being honored to get compared to Billie Holliday, and being what Dallas, Texas “looks like, feels like, smells like.” Watch the brief comments via the New York City station’s YouTube channel below.

Erykah Badu Preparing To Give Birth ‘Any Day Now’

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@erykahbadu) on Saturday (January 10), discussing the pending birth of her third child. The Dallas, Texas R&B singer tells readers:

Any day now my new project arrives. Nope – not ‘New Amerykah Pt 2’ but new baby!! (Shout out to mothers to be) I can hardly move my hips are sooo stiff … (I look like a duck w/ long legs) meanwhile I’m still working away on ‘Pt 2’. (mind blowin) Later than I anticipated, however, but fresh all the same. These days I live in headphones while poppin B vitamins and rubbing my belly down with shae butter (plump and ripe). I’m a damned perfectionist and my method is kinda weird so the label just throws their hands up at me and banks on somethin else lol. (peace to Sylvia Rhone). So any way, I’m back in the badudio, I’ll pause for my home birth which is just in the next room so I promise it wont take too long. lol. (valerian and chamomile are my best friends) been spending my days on twitter throwing out random thoughts as FATBELLYBELLA. Plenty of twitty milk to go round … I give thanks today for your love, energy, respect and feedback. On behalf of my entire family from Edith Funker, Nedda Stella (band), Soul Quarians, Jay Tronic, Controlfreaq Records, Canabinoids, b.l.i.n.d., THE Scientists, and of course NAYROCK “HAPPY NEW YOU.” IF YOU BELIEVE IT IT’S YOURS. TRUST. All my love, ebi breezy aka fat belly bella aka loretta brown aka analogue girl aka annie aka manuela mexico aka baduizm pka e. badu….. love and light !!!!! p.s. I’m gone still do 2 mo videos for ‘Pt 1’ which 2 should they be? I was thinkin ‘The Healer’ and ‘Souldier’…eh.

On TV: Danity Kane, Erykah Badu, Day26

Erykah Badu

R&B acts on television this week include:

Tiffany Evans, who visits ‘106 & Park’ on Monday.

Danity Kane, who visit ‘Total Request Live’ on Tuesday.

Erykah Badu, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Tuesday and ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Friday.

Day26, who visit ‘TRL’ on Thursday.

Erykah Badu ‘Honey’ Video

Erykah Badu 'Honey' music video

Erykah Badu is out with the video to her new single ‘Honey’, from the Dallas, Texas born R&B singer’s fourth full-length album ‘New Amerykah’, out February 26th on Motown Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Erykah Badu 'Honey' cover art

Erykah Badu Talks About ‘Honey’

Erykah Badu 2007

Exclusive footage of Erykah Badu discussing her new single ‘Honey’ has been posted at Universal Motown’s MySpace. “It’s about a lover, who I’m chasing, by the name of Slim, who I think is so sweet, sugar got a long way to catch him.” Watch the clip below.