‘ET’ Talks With Fantasia After ‘Idol’ Win

After being named the ‘American Idol,’ 19-year-old single mom Fantasia Barrino spoke with Bob Goen of ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ Goen joined The Early Show to show some clips. Watch it via CBSNews.com below.

Fantasia Is The Perfect ‘Idol’ Combo

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “Of course, the big news — last night, Fantasia Barrino became the newest ‘American Idol’. It’s huge — a lot of people like it. That’s right, yeah. As the first black female winner, Fantasia is the perfect combination of Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken.”

Fantasia Barrino Appears On ‘The Tonight Show’

Fantasia Barrino was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday to discuss her big win on ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday. Barrino talked about the win and being up ever since, being a single mom, growing up in North Carolina, auditioning for the show, and they did the “bobo”. Read on for a transcript.

Kerry Talks About The Tension In The Vote… For ‘American Idol’

Fantasia Barrino beat out Diana Degarmo Wednesday night to become the new ‘American Idol’, and hours before the winner was announced, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry was offering a nod at the singing competition during a campaign speech in Seattle, or was it more of a jab. “I know that the tension is high. People are really concerned about who’s going to win,” he said, with most believing he was referring to himself and President Bush. “Fantasia or Diana. I’m just joking [half the audience laughs]. Half of you don’t even know. That’s a good sign, actually. I’m encouraged. That’s very encouraging. You are smart out here in the state of Washington.”

Slow & Steady Race A Winner

The New York Daily News TV critic David Bianculli shared his thoughts on Wednesday night’s ‘American Idol’ finale, where Fantasia Barrino beat out Diana DeGarmo. Bianculli thought Barrino’s victory helps Fox and ‘American Idol’ bury any questions about racism from voters. He added, “And when she sang ‘I Believe’ at the end – singing of a dream that had just come true on stage – it was a joyful end to a strong ‘Idol’ season.” The full article at nydailynews.com has since been removed or relocated.

Fantasia Barrino Voted ‘American Idol’

Fantasia Barrino was named the winner of ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday night, beating out Diana DeGarmo. Barrino told the crowd at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles: “I been through some things but I worked hard to get to where I’m at.” DeGarmo said in defeat: “I’m so proud to have come here with Fantasia. She’s my girl and you guys will treat her well.”

Fantasia Getting Used To Fame

Fame is already knocking for ‘American Idol’ finalist Fantasia Barrino, and she’s getting used to it. “Everybody is going crazy,” the 19-year-old told The New York Daily News. “I had to change my phone number because people are calling and saying, ‘Hi, I’m Tom. I went to kindergarten with you.’ I don’t know him.” The full article at nydailynews.com has since been removed or relocated.

What Are The ‘American Idol’ Voters Thinking?

I was shocked, I mean flabbergasted at Jennifer Hudson being cut from ‘American Idol’ this week. What a farce! The three most talented singers in the history of the competiton were in the bottom three. What’s going on? I can’t believe that such a talent had to go. This is so backward.

An American Idol is supposed to have;
Vocal talent,
Having ginger hair and a nasal voice does not mean personality.

Fantasia Is A Proud Single Mother

Globe magazine reports ‘American Idol’ finalist Fantasia Barrino is an unwed mother who got pregnant at 17, traumatizing her minister and mother, but she’s not at all ashamed. “Having my child has been the proudest moment in my life so far,” the 19-year-old crooner insisted. “I want to send a message to other young mothers that just because you have a young child, you don’t have to give up your dreams, stop life and do nothing.” Barrino originally left 2-year-old Zion at home with her family in North Carolina while she competes in ‘Idol’, but now she’s with her in Los Angeles.