Stewart Says The Point Of Her Art Is To Inspire

Natalie Stewart of Floetry 'Floetic'

Natalie Stewart of Floetry chatted with Entertainment Weekly revealing of the duo: “The point of my art is to inspire. It’s therapeutic for me. I repented on the album.” Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius released their debut ‘Floetic’ on October 1st. The full story at has since been removed.

Floetry CD Listening Party

The new album from Floetry is available in its entirety for listening on ‘Floetic’ is the album’s first track, as well as the album title. Says Marsha of the disc’s musical center: “We put floeticism into everything we do. We are two opposites on the planet coming together and making something real creative happen.” Natalie confirms: “We’re very different. People often laugh and say Marsha’s jiggy and I’m earthy. But, we round each other out.”

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