Glenn Lewis On The Today Show Thursday

Glenn Lewis will be interviewed on the Today Show on NBC Thursday. The show airs from 7-10am and it’s unclear what time he’s scheduled, nor was it confirmed if he would perform on today’s newsletter update.

Glenn Lewis Performs On Rosie O’Donnell Friday

Glenn Lewis was on the Rosie O’Donnell show on Friday where he performed ‘Don’t You Forget It’ and spoke briefly with fill-in host Caroline Rhea. The shy singer talked a bit about how female fans get excited over his music, but he doesn’t let them get too excited with him, as he currently is dating someone. Glenn says he’s dating a girl from back home in Canada, causing Rhea to joke that there’s no green card for him in that.

Opening For Alicia Keys Was A Lucky Break For Lewis

Steve Jones of USA Today spoke with Glenn Lewis about how he landed the opening gig on Alicia Keys’ tour earlier this year. Lewis revealed, “That was a real lucky break for me. Initially, she was going out on her own. She and her team made it easy for me to do my job every night, and it was a real educational experience. With all the success that she’s had, she’s been totally unaffected by it.” Read more.

Every Compliment From Famous Fans Shocks Lewis

Jane Stevenson of the Toronto Sun reports Glenn Lewis is still shocked over his long list of famous fans. Glenn said, “Quite honestly, at every stage, it’s been a shock to me. From having the opportunity to go out on tour with Alicia Keys, after her personal request, as well as Janet Jackson making comments with regards to how much she’s been listening to my album, having the opportunity to meet Stevie Wonder. I mean, trying to stay in the moment of every thing that’s happening, it’s difficult.”

Glenn Lewis Radio Interview Wednesday

Mad Dog and Billie from Toronto’s Kiss 92 FM talked to Glenn Lewis earlier this morning where he spoke about the ‘swoon factor’, his Toronto roots, being an only child, his parents that are both singers, his Stevie Wonder influences, and more. There also is a brief clip of Glenn performing ‘Don’t You Forget It’. Audio at has since been removed.

Janet Jackson Endorsement Gives Glenn Lewis Break

Fu Gina of reports thanks to Janet Jackson’s comments that she was a Glenn Lewis fan on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the R&B newcomer has gotten appearances on Regis & Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell. Of course a top 5 album doesn’t hurt.

Glenn Lewis Calls Stevie Wonder Comparisons ‘A Great Honor’

Suzanne Ellis of spoke with Glenn Lewis about comparisons he’s been getting to the legendary Stevie Wonder. Lewis said, “It’s been humbling. People could choose to compare me with anyone. They choose to put my name in the same sentence as Stevie, with the great career and the legacy that he’s had. That’s a great honor. I understand that when a new artist comes out, it’s natural to draw a comparison. I do it too.”

Glenn Lewis Says It’s Great To Be Appreciated

Hip Online spoke with Glenn Lewis about how life has changed for him with the success of his debut. Glenn said, “Every day is something new, one blessing after the next. It’s been cool. I’m working a lot and touring with Alicia we’ve been traveling from city to city and meeting new people. It’s been a lot of fun, people’s response to the single has been really great and I’m humbled by it. It’s great to be appreciated and it’s rewarding to have people stop and take time out to tell you they appreciate what you are doing.” Read more.

Glenn Lewis Hitting The Airwaves

Look for Glenn Lewis to be hitting the airwaves strong in the next few weeks in support of his new album ‘World Outside My Window’ which drops on Tuesday. Included in his appearances are as follows:

Tuesday, 3/19: Regis & Kelly Live

Monday, 3/25: Good Day NY

Thursday, 4/4: Rosie O’Donell