Young Rome Of IMX Speaks

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The baby faced boys of the adolescent singing group IMX (formerly known as Immature) are all grown up. Young Rome is ready to talk grown man talk with all its love, heartache, sex, and debauchery, Ballerstatus is there to listen. Check out the interview here.

News On Treach, Usher, Chilli, IMX & More

Jawn Murray has a new column out today with news on Treach of Naughty By Nature not being arrested, contrary to reports, as well as news on Usher and Chilli of TLC being rushed by fans at Harrisburg East Mall in Pennsylvania, the solo efforts of the IMX group, and an unnamed new male solo artist who suffered from severe stage freight during the promotional tour for his debut album. Read more.

IMx Insist They Aren’t Breaking Up

IMx sat down with Soul Train ahead of their appearance on the show last weekend. When asked what the deal was on rumors they were breaking up, Batman explained, “Well you know how people take stuff and they twist it. IMx will always be together, it’s just we feel like we’ve had a long, great career together and, like, getting older, we feel like it’s time to venture off and do new things. I’m doing a solo album that I started. Probably sometime next year, Romeo will be starting his solo album. We’ll always be together.” has since removed the video.

IMX Searches Huge In February

IMX fans flooded the internet in January but they don’t have many places to find information on the R&B juniors. The band’s official site, redirects to MCA Music’s homepage, where there is not longer any info on the group, so perhaps they are in the process of switching labels? In any event, pay-per search engine showed 109,062 searches for the group, about half as many searches as rival band B2K. The group’s most searched for song was ‘First Time’.

IMX Photo Shoot has photos of IMX during a photo shoot in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Check out the 104 pictures from the session here.