Paula Abdul ‘Devastated’ About Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

Paula Abdul spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ about learning about the shooting deaths of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. “I was devastated,” the ‘American Idol’ judge said. “I was immediately on the computer saying, ‘what’s going on here? This is crazy.'”

Paula added, “I can’t even imagine what it must feel like for her and her family and it doesn’t make any sense. It’s awful, it’s horrific, it’s unfathomable. Her whole family supported her talent. They knew that she was a special one. She is. She’ll continue to go on to do great things. I just hold her in my prayers and in my heart, and my heart goes out to her.”

Video at has since been removed.

‘ET’ At Public Memorial For Jennifer Hudson Family

‘Entertainment Tonight’ correspondent Kevin Frazier was on the scene in Chicago over the weekend, where the public memorial service for Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew was held. Though Jennifer didn’t attend the service, the coroner involved with the case, Sean Howard, spoke with Frazier about the Oscar winner’s mood when going to identify the bodies. “Jennifer’s eyes were puffed. You could tell she was very distraught, but it was just a symbolism of pride that you could only find in Chicago that really strengthened the room.” Video of the report at has since been removed.

Kellie Pickler Comments On Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

Country singer Kellie Pickler talked with ‘Access Hollywood’ about her new album, going back to Iraq for the USO tour, and Jennifer Hudson’s family tragedy. “I think everyone is praying for her,” Pickler said of her fellow ‘American Idol’ alum. “I definitely am. It’s just a tragic story, and it’s so sad. But our thoughts and prayers are with her for sure.” Pickler added that going through the loss of her mother, brother and nephew in the public eye is “not easy when she turns on the TV and see people talking about it. If anything, it would be nice to respect her privacy and let deal with this behind closed doors. It’s just a matter of respect.” Watch the interview below.

Tristan Wilds: Jennifer Hudson Will Pull Through This

Jennifer Hudson’s ‘Secret Life of Bees’ co-star Tristan Wilds told that the Oscar winner will persevere after the tragic shooting deaths of her mother, brother and nephew. “She has her heart,” Wilds said at the BlackBerry Storm launch in L.A. “She has the biggest heart. She is very persistent, and I think she will be able to pull through this.”

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Hudson Sisters Establish Foundation For Families Of Slain Victims

In wake of Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia losing their mother Darnell Hudson Donerson, their brother Jason Hudson, and Julia’s son Julian King to a gun crime, the siblings have established a new foundation in the honor of their recently deceased family members.

The Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims will provide assistance to families who have lost relatives to a violent crime. The aid will encompass basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, as well as grief counseling.

Contributions to the newly formed foundation can be sent to:
c/o Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP
Attn: William L. Abrams, Esq.
237 West 35th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Second Suspect In Hudson Family Tragedy?

There are reports police may be seeking a second suspect in the murders of actress Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. NBC News’ Kevin Tibbles was in Chicago reporting on the latest for the ‘Today’ show. The weapon likely used in the killings was recovered by police, while mourners continued to gather outside the Hudson family home. “Make no mistake, Jennifer Hudson, the reason she’s so tough and strong now is because she grew up in such a tough neighborhood,” Peter Castro of People magazine said. Watch the report below.

Jennifer Hudson’s Family Didn’t Take Balfour’s Threats Seriously

A friend of Jennifer Hudson tells he attempted to warn the family about William “Flex” Balfour, the man who is divorced from Jennifer’s sister Julia and is considered the person of interest in the shoots of the Oscar winner’s mother Darnell, brother Jason and nephew Julian. Balfour had earlier been in a fight with Jason and got beat up. Afterwards, the source revealed Balfour said “he would kill Julia and mess up everyone in the house.”

The full story at has since been removed.

A Hand Of Jennifer Hudson’s Murdered Nephew Was Cut Off

Jennifer Hudson sitting

The National Enquirer has learned in addition to Jennifer Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew Julian King being shot to death, the killer cut off one of the boy’s hands. It’s not known if Julian was alive at the time his hand was severed. Police believe the killer shot Julian in the head while he was in the vehicle. Read more.

Lisa Bloom Discusses Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and now her 7-year-old nephew were found shot and murdered in Chicago, a city with the highest number of homicides this year. CBS News’ Cynthia Bowers spoke with local residents and Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times about the deaths before ‘The Early Show’ co-host Harry Smith spoke with legal analyst Lisa Bloom about how the investigation will proceed. Watch the segment, aired Tuesday (October 28), below.

Ryan Seacrest Talks About Jennifer Hudson Family Tragedy

Jennifer Hudson of 'American Idol'

Ryan Seacrest spoke with ‘Extra’ about the the tragedy that has hit Jennifer Hudson after the Oscar winner lost her mother, brother and nephew to a shooting crime. “We love Jennifer and our thoughts, our prayers are certainly with her and the people around her right now,” Ryan said, speaking on behalf of ‘American Idol’, which launched the Chicago R&B singer to fame in the show’s third season. “It’s just horrific – you can’t even imagine what this young lady is going through or what kind of a monster would do something like this.” Read more.