Beyonce’s Album Will Have To Wait For Kelly’s First

Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that while Beyonce Knowles will make her big-screen debut this week in ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’, her debut solo album will have to wait until her Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland’s is out. Since producer and songwriter Damon Elliott is producing both projects–and Rowland’s came first, and should be out next month. Look for Beyonce’s album sometime this fall.

Destiny’s Child Hope For Better Weather In Belfast

In a separate story filed by Maureen Coleman of the Belfast Telegraph, Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland says the band were “really excited” about their debut appearance in Belfast last year, but weather got in the way. “We had a fantastic time in Dublin, but it was so cold we spent most of the time in our hotel rooms,” she said. “We all love the sun so we’re hoping for some sunny weather so we can get out and about and see some of Belfast.”

Kelly Rowland Keeping Company With Her Pups

Maureen Coleman of the Belfast Telegraph chatted by phone with Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child. Kelly said she doesn’t have room for romance in her life right now, choosing dogs as a companion instead. “None of us have men waiting at home for us,” she admits. “But I have got two really sweet pups waiting for me and I miss them so much.”

Excerpts From ‘Soul Survivors’ Autobiography

The New York Daily News has a few excerpts from the ‘Soul Survivors: The Official Autobiography of Destiny’s Child’ book that Destiny’s Child was promoting in New York earlier this week. On the departure of LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett and Farrah Franklin from the group, Kelly Rowland wrote, “I hate to sound like a B-word, but the best feeling in the world was when we first appeared as a trio. Yes, indeed, because I remember how intimidated I felt when [Roberson, Luckett and Franklin] were around. I felt insecure around them, like I wasn’t talented, when really I was.” Beyonce Knowles says, “I was unhappy. I hated the way I looked. I hated everything that was going on.”

Female Artists Bring The Buzz Back To R&B

CNN’s The Music Room spoke with Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, along with India.Arie, and Alicia Keys on the sudden surge in Rhythm and Blues, especially on the female side. Keys commented on how the leaders of the movement seem to get along saying, “I speak to India.Arie on the phone. Destiny’s Child and me go back to my first label. Mary J. Blige is someone who I look up to very much, and every time I have an opportunity to see her, I always give her some respect.” Read more.

Kelly Rowland Discusses Australia Tour Postponement

Cyclone of spoke with Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child on the group’s last minute postponing of their Australian tour following the events of 9.11. “It really hurt us simply because we had to postpone our tour because of war, basically, and terrorism – and that’s just so horrible, you know?,” Kelly Rowlands says, her voice trembling. “It hurt us really bad, simply because we know we had a lot of fans waiting for us, and we were ready to go – honestly, we were packed, we were ready to go, we were so excited, and the fact that this happened, we were just like, ‘What?’ Now our tour’s cancelled. For us, we had to do a lot of concerts for the City of New York and for Washington DC – and those concerts were so emotional simply because a lot of people lost a lot of their family and it took a toll on us.”