Kiley Dean Checks In From Sao Paulo

Kiley Dean checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@kileydean) on Monday (December 22). The Los Angeles R&B singer tells readers:

Sao Paulo

This city is very different from what I expected to see here in Brazil. It’s very metropolitan. When we flying into the city all I could see were buildings for miles and miles and miles. Like New York, but times 10! There are so many tall buildings. Boss lady and management threw a “end of tour” party for us. It was nice to see people one last time and say goodbyes. They had Brazilian Dancers and a band. It was really neat. We had 3 shows here. The last show was last night. The Sticky and Sweet tour is a wrap!!! I leave Sao Paulo tonight and I am so excited to get home to my family and loved ones. I am looking SO forward to Christmas and being home. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!

Love KD

Kiley Dean To Sing Pro Bowl Anthem

The Associated Press reports Kiley Dean will sing the national anthem at the Pro Bowl, replacing JC Chasez of *NSYNC, who pulled out in a dispute with the NFL. The game airs Sunday on ESPN.

Beyonce Voted Best Looking Female R&B Singer

Our latest poll asking who is the best looking female R&B singer saw Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles dominate the competition, getting 40.3% of the vote and easily beating Claudette Ortiz, who got 15%, and Mya, who got 14.1%. Unfortunately, the software only allows 12 selections, so women that also should’ve probably been on the list like Ashanti, Alicia Keys, Chilli of TLC, Kiley Dean, etc. were not included.

Kiley Dean Confident About Her Debut

Kiley Dean in the new Blender magazine in their ‘The Next Big Thing’ feature. The singer says, “People are dumbfounded, because they expect a different style. But they’re very accepting. I don’t know how anybody can deny how good my record is.” Timbaland, who is releasing Dean’s debut on his Beat Club label, says, “This is where pop music is going. Kiley is going to change singing.”

Kiley Dean’s One Sole Sister

Kiley Dean is featured in the August issue of Teen People magazine where she shows her huge collection of Nike sneakers. The singer says, “I am absolutely obsessed with Nike sneakers. I love the Shox. I love the Dunks. I love the Air Force 1’s. I love them all! There are about 70 pairs packed into my closets in Orlando. Every pair is comfortable, so why go with something else, you know? I would so much rather wear sneakers than high heels.” Part of that obsession is keeping those shoes clean, and she revealed the lengths she’ll go to adding, “Once I was at this club wearing a new pair of red-and-white Nikes, and everyone kept stepping on them. I got so upset I ended up standing against the wall. I know it sounds materialistic, and I’m so not that way – it’s just that when I have new sneakers, they have to stay clean, period!”

Kiley Dean ‘Make Me A Song’ Video

Kiley Dean

The video for Orlando, Florida R&B singer Kiley Dean’s debut single ‘Make Me A Song’ is out, released on Interscope Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

You Hear It First: Kiley Dean

Kiley Dean is featured in MTV’s You Hear It First, and Beat Club Records boss Timbaland is full of praise and big predictions for the singer. “She’s a natural born star,” Timbaland said. “She’s a talent. She’s so raw [that] without me, she still would be hot.” The full story at has since been removed.

Kiley Dean Out Of Britney Spears’ Shadow

Kiley Dean spoke with about her former job as backup singer for Britney Spears and her forthcoming debut ‘Simple Girl’, due July 15th. Dean says she soaked up what Spears was going through while on tour in preparation for her own solo career. “I would watch everything,” Dean said. “How you’ve got travel, how you’ve got to be up at a certain time, how you’ve got to rest or you can’t be on top of your game. I was taking it all in, because I knew I was going to be doing it. It was like, ‘I’m going to be right in your shoes in a couple years.'”