Lauryn Hill Performs In Brooklyn

Lauryn Hill of the Fugees performed at the 25th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Concert Series on Monday (August 6) at Wingate Field in Brooklyn, New York. Check out pictures from FilmMagic. Watch fan filmed highlight clips from YouTube.

Lauryn Hill And Zach Braff Are Buddies

Actor Zach Braff tells Jane magazine he and the Fugees singer Lauryn Hill are good friends. “Lauryn Hill did go to my bar mitzvah,” Braff said. “There was a game called Coke and Pepsi. You’d have a partner, and one per son was Coke and the other Pepsi. De pending on what the DJ would yell, you had to run and get on that per son’s lap. And Lauryn was my Coke and Pepsi partner.”

Montblanc Not Happy With Lauryn Hill’s Behavior

The New York Daily News reports Lauryn Hill demanded to be called only “Miss Hill” and refused to do the “contractually obligated” press at the Montblanc 100th-anniversary party on Tuesday night, upsetting organizers. Instead, she arrived with a wig over her face and refused to talk.

It’s No Thrill Working With ‘Miss Hill’

The New York Daily News reports that Lauryn Hill has imposed a rule on everyone who’s working on her Fugees comeback album to refer to her as ‘Miss Hill’, including bandmates Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel. “These are people she grew up with,” a source complained. “She’s beyond a diva. She thinks her sh** don’t stink.” The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Lauryn Hill Left London Audience Waiting… And Waiting

The New York Daily News reports Lauryn Hill ived nearly three hours late for a packed London show last Wednesday. “I have a problem with procrastination,” Hill announced when she finally took the stage. “I have a great deal of difficulty deciding what to wear – it’s a woman thing.” What did she end up wearing? A lace blouse and long evening skirt, paired with African bracelets and Asian earrings.

Miss Hill Felt Dissed At Carpet Store

The New York Daily News reports that ABC Carpet and Home got the diva treatment from Lauryn Hill when the singer recently was given a private closed-door shopping session. A staffer told Hill, “If there’s anything we can do, Lauryn, just let us know.” A snitch said: “She immediately marched over to the manager and complained that she was disrespected because the staffer didn’t call her ‘Miss Hill.'” Hill left after two hours without buying anything.