Lemar Promises Lots Of Energy On His Next Album

Lemar answered a couple questions on his blog at MySpace (@lemar) recently, including a fan wondering what direction his next album is heading. The British R&B star responded:

I don’t know yet. By the end of the year we’ll be putting out an album that celebrates what I’ve done so far. Then next year I’ll release my next studio album. It’s in an experimental phase at the moment but it will definitely have lots of energy. People loved the up-tempo on the tour, so that’s definitely key!

Lemar At Cancer Research Sound & Vision Event

Lemar talked with ITN about cancer research, video shoots in Los Angeles, and his new single. “Anyway I can help raise awareness or promote events like this I try my best to get out there and do it,” the British R&B singer said at the Cancer Research Sound & Vision event at Abbey Road Studios on Thursday (February 26). “It’s getting that message out there. It’s showing support for the family members and those that are affected by it and you know just letting them know that they’re not on their own.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Lemar ‘If She Knew’ Preview

Lemar 'If She Knew' music video

A sneak preview of Lemar’s new single ‘If She Knew’ has been posted at YouTube, also featuring some studio and photo shoot footage. The British R&B singer is set to release his fourth studio album ‘The Reason’ on November 24th via RCA Records. Watch it below.

Lemar Says Joss Stone Is ‘Besotted’ With Raphael Saadiq

Despite denials from her publicists, The Mirror reports 19-year-old Joss Stone has confided in close friend Lemar, telling him she’s “besotted” with producer Raphael Saadiq. “I’ve known about their relationship for ages,” Lemar told the tab at the Smooth FM radio station. “Joss is always texting me about how happy she is. And it’s the real deal.”

Update: The story at Mirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Lemar ‘Tick Tock’ Video

Lemar 'Tick Tock' music video

Lemar is out with the video to his new single ‘Tick Tock’, from the album ‘The Truth About Love’. Watch it below.