Melanie Fiona: ‘The MF Life’ Release Delay Had Its Benefits

Melanie Fiona and chairs

Melanie Fiona spoke with the Los Angeles Times about delays in producing ‘The MF Life’, the follow-up to her 2009 debut LP ‘The Bridge’, which included a label shakeup. “There were a lot of internal changes,” said the 28-year-old Canadian R&B singer, who was transferred from Motown to Universal Republic after a label restructure in 2011. “When you’re under the major label system, you can’t just put your music out, there are channels. It’s a little frustrating. Looking back, there was a time when I felt I needed to rush this album. But if we would have put it out last year I wouldn’t have had the features on this album.”

Melanie Fiona: New York Men Are Aggressive

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Melanie Fiona spoke with am New York in a Q&A, where the Canadian R&B singer talked about changes she’d like to see in New York City, not taking the subways in high heels, hating the Big Apple’s garbage, loving Times Square, and NYC’s men.

“New York men are aggressive! From the taxi driver to the garbage man, you get hollered at and whistled at and talked to in Spanish,” the 28-year-old said. “They’re more risque, but they’re more fun. From going out for a meal to seeing a show, I’m an easy sell. Just take me somewhere I’ve never been before and I’m sold!”

Melanie Fiona: I’m A Very Emotional Writer

Melanie Fiona visits Walmart Soundcheck

Melanie Fiona visited Walmart Soundcheck to perform songs from her second album ‘The MF Life’. The live set included ‘This Time’, ‘Give It To Me Right’, ‘Running’, ‘Wrong Side Of A Love Song’, ‘It Kills Me’ and ‘4AM’.

During an interview with the Canadian R&B singer, she talked about the album, wanting it send a message that it’s okay to go thru ups and downs life sends you, how not knowing where your partner is late at night inspired her song ‘4AM’, loving to perform the passionate songs on the disc live, doing a lot of in-studio writing in contrast to her debut, and more.

“I’m a very emotional writer,” Fiona admitted. “I’m not the world class, A-list writer that can get it and write a hit song for myself and others. I have to be in the right mentality and right state of mind and place and environment to be able to really express because I feel that when I write it is like opening up a page in my diary. I have to be in that right mood and setting to be able to do my best work. I find that my creative juices, when they’re flowing, it’s good. I have to strike when the iron is hot and it makes for a better song.”

The live set and interview can be viewed at Check out additional pictures from the appearance after the cut. (more…)

Melanie Fiona Releases ‘The MF Life’

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Melanie Fiona has released her second studio album ‘The MF Life’ on SRC Records and Universal Republic. The Canadian R&B singer turned to a team of producers on the effort that included No I.D., Espionage, Salaam Remi, Andrea Martin, Rico Love, Los Da Mystro, T-Pain and others.

“The ‘MF’ in the album title represents my initials, but it also gets at the many facets of myself as an artist and a young woman,” Fiona said about the album title. “It can be viewed as the ‘Mighty Fine Life’ in times of triumph and success, but also the ‘Mother-F-ing Life’ when I’m dealing with frustration or misfortune. I celebrate both. I feel it would be dishonest if everything was all about glitz and glamour. It’s about the balance of life, the yin and the yang, the good and the bad, all of that.”

‘The MF Life’ Track Listing:
1. “This Time” Featuring J Cole
2. “4 AM”
3. “Break Down These Walls”
4. “I Been That Girl”
5. “Wrong Side of A Love Song”
6. “Running” Featuring Nas
7. “Change The Record” Featuring B.o.B
8. “Gone And Never Coming Back”
9. “Bones”
10. “Watch Me Work”
11. “Can’t Say I Never Loved You”
12. “L.O.V.E” Featuring John Legend
13. “6 AM” Melanie Fiona & T-Pain – BONUS TRACK

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
14. “Rock Paper Scissors”
15. “Can’t Do This No More”
16. “What Am I to Do”
17. “Like I Love You”

Melanie Fiona 'The MF Life'

Melanie Fiona Intimidates Some Men

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Melanie Fiona tells that some men have told her they feel intimidated to approach the Toronto R&B singer. “I don’t feel that my energy and my presence is intimidating. [Besides] that’s not what I’m aiming to do because I do welcome conversation, and I think it takes a lot for somebody to get the courage to approach someone and say, ‘Hey I wanna get to know you,'” Melanie explained. “I’m really just an energy person. If their energy is really vibing with mine, even from across the room, they’ll feel my energy back and that’s probably a good indication that they should probably come over. If they’re wrong, I’ll probably let them know that too.”

Melanie Fiona ‘4AM’ Video

Melanie Fiona '4AM'

Melanie Fiona is out with the music video to her new single ‘4AM’, the second release off the Canadian R&B singer’s second studio album ‘The MF Life’, out December 6th on SRC/Universal Motown. The Colin Tilley directed video was shot at Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood and at a private Beverly Hills home. Watch it via Vevo below.

Melanie Fiona ‘Bang Bang’ Video

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is out with the video to her new single ‘Bang Bang’, the third release from the Toronto, Ontario R&B singer’s debut album ‘The Bridge’, out now on SRC/Universal Motown. Watch it via YouTube below.

Melanie Fiona ‘It Kills Me’ Video

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is out with the video to her new single ‘It Kills Me’, off the Toronto R&B singer’s debut album ‘The Bridge’, in stores November 3rd on SRC / Title 9 / Universal Motown. Watch the Armen Djerrahian directed video below.