Michelle Williams Advises Gospel Singers To Collaborate Across Genres

Michelle Williams

Global Grind spoke with Michelle Williams in a Q&A, asking the former Destiny’s Child star if there was any advice that she’s learned working in pop or R&B that she would lend to the gospel industry what would it be. Michelle responded:

Collaborations across genres. Mainstream artists respect all types of music and they work with other artists to create new sounds and ideals. This is what makes them grow and stay innovative. It would be great to see more gospel artists and producers work with Christian artists and producers, country artists, bluegrass, pop and R&B. They all evolved from gospel anyway so why not! LOL

Check out the entire interview at globalgrind.com.

Michelle Williams Blasts DHL In Twitter Rant

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams lashed out at DHL on her Twitter (@RealMichelleW) on Saturday (October 10) after the delivery giant lost – or according to her stole – something she shipped. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

Pissed at DHL! I think I may have to do a Mama Skorpion or MrKitchenTalk rant.

@THESKORPION I’m on the line with the thieves as we speak

I really feel some kind of way towards DHL that I’m losing my sleep! I hope the person responsible never sleeps again a day n lyf! KARMA

I guess these companies, including airports and airlines just hire anybody! Low lifes with no regards to other ppl’s personal property!

Never ever use DHL. It was my first and DEFINITELY my last!

@Reshard18 how much more of an explanation does one need? DHL employs thieves!

The people don’t care….WHY? BECUZ IT WASN’T THEIR PROPERTY THAT WAS STOLEN!! I feel an attorney phone call n my spirit!

I hope they fall like I did on 106 and Park!!! LOL!!!!

As u can see I’m trying to have a sense of humor about it! Call me mean if u want….but it wasn’t your ish!!!

Michelle Williams On Chris Brown: God Forgives, So Do I

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams checked in with her Twitter followers (@RealMichelleW) as Chris Brown’s interview on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ was airing, discussing a chat she had with her driver. The former Destiny’s Child star tells readers:

Asking my driver about domestic violence, he said 15 years ago he gave his woman a “good” slap. He said why cant women restain their tongue?

My reaction was….what the heck is a “good” slap? He said he deeply regrets it and would never do that again.

@PrettyWings18 I agree that women know how to push buttons, but that man should leave before he’s in a situation that he’ll “regret!”

@iamsamcapaldi No. It won’t be me suga! No one can judge that man! only he and Rihanna know what really happend. God forgives, so do I.

Michelle Williams Never Said Destiny’s Child Is Getting Back Together

Michelle Williams is throwing cold water on a report in News of the World that suggested she was claiming Destiny’s Child would be getting back together to tour in 2010. She writes on her Twitter (@RealMichelleW):

I NEVER SAID DC is getting back together. Just bcuz I said we love each other and are sisters…. they took that quote ran with it! Sorry! :(

X-Rated ‘Chicago’ Audience Behavior Stuns Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams caught an eyeful while on stage starring as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ on Saturday night, letting her Twitter followers (@RealMichelleW) in on the X-rated distraction. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

I’ma need the couple n the front row 2 get their hands out of each others pants. That is rude and she is SO not classy 4 that. GET A ROOM!

woman n the frnt row had her leg gaped open. the man beside her had his hands in her snapper. And they got mad when they got put out. LOL!

It was quite distracting. she was adding her own soundtrack. There’s a part in the show where I say those r my boys and she said “lucky u!”

It was an older couple. I was like “nobody on this stage wants 2 see ur ol wilted flower!” Or pay me mor 4 helpn u get ur kicks off. LOL

@TemujinScott Yes this was at the show CHICAGO! Everybody in the cast was STUNNED!!! U couldn’t help but notice them!

@DreKellz2004 baaaaby bye! I want those seat steamed and sanitized. Better yet… install some new ones!!!

@WisePoly I personally think she was “hired” help!!! if u know what I mean!! LOL

Okay you guys. Let’s have a word of prayer! My views on affection have been thrown off. Touch me Lord Jesus (in the voice of Shirley Ceasar)

Mom, I know you’re gonna read those past few tweets!! But er ummmm I had to let the folks know the foolishness that my eyes saw!

Michelle Williams Checks In On The First Night Of ‘Chicago’

Michelle Williams 2009

Michelle Williams documented her arrival at The Cambridge Theatre in London on the first day ‘Chicago’, where the former Destiny’s Child star was set to star as Roxie Hart. “So I’m very excited about everything,” Michelle says. “Thank you guys so much everyday for the words of encouragement, the love and support. This is definitely a dream come true for me.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Michelle Williams Exiting London’s Cambridge Theater

Michelle Williams singer

Michelle Williams tipped her hat to fans and photographers as she exited Cambridge Theater in London, England on Monday (July 13). The former Destiny’s Child member, who stars at the venue as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’, stopped to sign autographs for fans waiting outside.

The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

Happy Responsible Father’s Day From Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams offered a conditional Happy Father’s Day to her followers on Twitter (@RealMichelleW) earlier today. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome, RESPONSIBLE fathers!! A daddy is just a sperm donor….but Father’s father and guide their children!!

If ur n a situation wher u don’t hav a fathr or even kno who he is….take the time now 2 pray & ask God 2 fix it. He’ll giv u peace abt it!

Folks r tryna challenge me! The dictionary states that a father has CONTINUOUS care of a child, man who givs protection 2 someone/something!

I thank the ultimate FATHER for fathering me!! For loving and guiding me. I’m not even worthy but you see in me what I sometimes fail 2 see!

Michelle Williams: I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder!

Michelle Williams in heels

Michelle Williams is defending her thin frame in postings on her Twitter (@RealMichelleW) earlier today. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

BLOGGERS!! I DO NOT HAVE AN EATING DISORDERRRRRRRRR!!!! IF I WAS 400LBS, then y’all would be saying I’m FAT….so sorry I’m a healthy 117lbs!

I eat anything and everything I want to eat…I am the size I was before Destiny’s Child. Now n college I gained a few….but I lost it.

HIGH METABOLISM DUHHHHHHHHHH!!! Now back to the humble and down to earth Michelle that you guys have always known!!! God Bless!!!!

Michelle Williams’ Laptop Gets Stolen, But No Nudes Inside

Michelle Williams tells fans on her Twitter (@RealMichelleW) that her laptop has been stolen, but don’t be expecting any Rihanna style naked pictures. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

Goin to bed. I’m still gonna smile although one of baggage screeners at DTW stole my laptop! Hope they get permanent diarrhea!

It’s crazy bcuz everything else was in tact…. they didn’t take anything else but the laptop and power adapter. I am .38 HOT!!!

Since I don’t have my laptop… my responses to you guys individually will be slower. Bear with me.

Sorry guys… I have no nude pics to share from missing computer!!! LOL!! Some of yall have been askin!! *side eye*