Mis-Teeq Split

The Mirror reports that Alesha Dixon, Sabrina and Washington Su-Elise Nash of Mis-Teeq have split after eight years together. “They’ve done it so they can explore other opportunities. But the band loved their time together and they’ll remain friends,” a spokesman for the trio said.

Mis-Teeq’s Su-Elise & Aleesha Attend St. Martin’s Lane Hotel Bash

Su-Elise Nash and Aleesha Dixon from Mis-Teeq were amongst the stars on hand for a party at St. Martin’s Lane Hotel, before the English National Ballet’s at the recently refurbished Coliseum in London, England on December 21st.

Pictures at abacausa.com have since been removed.

Mis-Teeq Perform In Boston

Mis-Teeq performed at Kiss 108 FM Concerts on the Charles on Saturday (August 14) at Hatch Shell in Boston, Massachusetts. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

Mis-Teeq’s Alesha Raps For Pharrell

Alesha Dixon from Mis-Teeq has revealed how she was intimidated by Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D. when she appeared in the video to the track ‘She Wants To Move’. She thought she was just going to be dancing in the video but Pharrell had other ideas. “Pharell asked me to rap for him – he literally just said to me on the spot ‘Will you rap for me?’,” Dixon explained. “I was like, ‘I’m not rapping in front of you! I need a beat.’ So, he started beat-boxing, started the rapping – my mouth went dry, my heart was beating really fast, I was so nervous, I was really nervous! But, I done it, he thought that I had talent and he said that I need to go buy a Slick Rick album. He said that I need to master how Slick Rick raps with my accent, and I’ll take over the world.”

Mis-Teeq Aim To Crack America

There have been several top-selling girl groups to come out of the R&B genre — Destiny’s Child perhaps first among them — but none have hailed from the United Kingdom, at least so far. That said, three young women from Mis-Teeq are hoping to change that geographical bias. “We definitely have come over here to make waves,” said band member Alesha Dixon, speaking to Reuters in Los Angeles. “We’ve come over here, we are from the U.K. and we want to make a big impression on the U.S. We’ve not come over here to try and imitate what you guys do. We just want to be known as the girl group that came out of the U.K. that was successful here because it’s really hard in this day and age to break through and we’re trying to break the mold.”

Mis-Teeq Helping Spur New UK Invasion Of America

No one seems more astonished by news that Mis-Teeq’s ‘Scandalous’ was a hit in America than vocalist Sabrina Washington. “We were told the song was being played on the radio and we were like, yeah, right,” she tells Alexis Petridis of the Guardian. “It was only when I got to New York and heard ‘Scandalous’ being played in shop that I realized it really was. It’s pretty amazing.” After four weeks promoting the single across the country, Washington thinks she has worked out the secret of Mis-teeq’s sudden success. “They love the English accent,” she said. “They’re kind of amazed when we sing. We don’t sound American – our sound is very, very British. We’re not going to go out to America and try and imitate what Americans do, because they do it the best. Originality is definitely the key – we want to keep sounding as British as we can.” Read more.