Monica Takes A Third Shot With ‘So Gone’ reports Monica has released ‘So Gone,’ a third single from her oft-delayed, forthcoming third album, ‘All Eyez On Me’. The Missy Elliott-produced song is scheduled to impact radio on March 31st. Monica released the album’s title track, ‘All Eyez On Me,’ and ‘Too Hood’ as singles in 2002. Still no release date has been provided for the album.

Monica Gets Personal On ‘I Wrote This Song’

The Sunday Mail caught up with Monica and asked the singer about ‘I Wrote This Song’ on her new album ‘All Eyez On Me’. The very personal track deals with her boyfriend who committed suicide in her presence. “It took a lot of courage for me to write that song in particular,” she said. “It’s about my first love who committed suicide and the song was my way of sharing the the intimate situation between us. Some days, when I think about what happened, I cry. Writing the song was like a healing for me. I knew that if I could write about that, I could write about anything.”

Monica Says She And Brandy Are On Good Terms has their October issue interview with Monica posted. The singer tells Craig Seymour despite the fact that she will always be compared to Brandy, Monica doesn’t feel as if she’s working in her duet partner’s shadow. “I’ve never wanted to be a pop phenomenon,” she says. “I never wanted a doll made out of me.” But they’re on good terms; although they don’t talk often.

Monica’s New Record May Get Pushed To 2003 reports J Records may push Monica’s album back to next year, after ‘All Eyez On Me’ and ‘Too Hood’ have been unable to make an impact on radio. The album is being praised by critics though, so they may try to set it up again with yet another single.

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Monica Plans On Opening A Funeral Home chatted with Monica about her latest album ‘All Eyez On Me’, what she’s been doing the three years she has been away from the scene, what she feels is the highlight of her career so far, the media’s focus on the negative things about her, her acting plans, her shocking plans to open a funeral home, and more. has since shut down.

Monica’s ‘All Eyez On Me’ Due November 12th has details of Monica’s forthcoming release ‘All Eyez On Me’, due out November 12 on J Records. Monica will be performing on NBC’s Saturday Night Live in early October in support of the album, and will be headed out on the road as well.

Monica Has No Beef With Brandy

Be’n Original of spoke with Monica on reports that she and Brandy got into a “catfight” at the 1998 Soul Train Music Awards. Monica denied the claims and said, “I would love to do another collab with Brandy.” As for her upcoming ‘All Eyez On Me’, due November 19th, Monica commented, “I never wrote much before. On this one I did a lot. People are going to be really surprised. This album is not watered down at all.”

Monica And Tweet On The Tonight Show This Week

Jay Leno will be having a few R&B performances on the Tonight Show this week. On Thursday (August 29), Monica will perform. Then on Friday (August 30), Jay will welcome Tweet. Check your local listings.

Monica On The Tonight Show Wednesday

Fans of Monica can check your out on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday (August 9). Check your local listings for time and NBC channel.