Montell Jordan Returns With ‘Let It Rain’

Montell Jordan is back with his new CD entitled ‘Let It Rain’, scheduled for release October 21st via Universal/Fontana. Singles include ‘Not No More’, the title track ‘Let It Rain’, plus a surprise for hip-hop fans: a collaboration with Doug E. Fresh.

Montell described the journey to his seventh release stating: “In 1996, I had an opportunity to work with Slick Rick, a legend of hip-hop. 12 years later, things come full circle and I was able to connect with Doug E. Fresh and work with him on ‘Left Alone’.”

“As an R&B artist who has always been embraced by the hip-hop community, working with icons like Ricky & Doug, Master P, LL Cool J, Bone Thugs & Harmony and Redman is a testimony to my love for hip-hop and my dedication to R&B music.”

Montell Jordan ‘Not No More’ Video

Montell Jordan is out with the music video for his new single ‘Not No More’, featuring Cignature, the first single from the Lawrenceville, Georgia R&B singer’s new release ‘Let It Rain’, out October 21st on Fontana/Universal. Watch it at DailyMotion.

Montell Jordan Talks Music And His Daughter

He showed the world how he does it, and now Montell Jordan is back to talk about how his music’s changed over the years, and his latest project with WB11. The tall Montell says he didn’t go into the NBA because he sucked at basketball. Jordan says his music has evolved since ‘This Is How We Do It’. He also talked about how life has changed since having a daughter. has since removed the video.

Beyonce At ‘The Fighting Temptations’ Wrap Party

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Cuba Gooding Jr. and BeyoncĂ© Knowles, as well as musicians Lil Zane and Montell Jordan were on hand at the wrap party for ‘The Fighting Temptations’ at Commune restaurant Sunday night. Jordan plays a prisoner Gooding hand-picks to join his gospel choir. “This was my big break into acting,” he said. “I hope I can get more roles out of it.” The film is set for release next summer.

Montell Jordan Answers Fan Questions

Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan answered questions from fans on his official website on Tuesday, most importantly the status of his U.S. self-titled release. Jordan revealed, “The album was released overseas, and kept getting delayed in the states. It has been bootlegged, duplicated, and is illegally on the streets in the US. I am making some changes and decisions right now in regards to this. I will keep you posted.” Some of those changes may have been prompted by the heavy criticism Vibe and others who got early copies had on the disc.

Montell Jordan’s Fifth Album Make Or Break

Montell Jordan spoke with Montell Jordan about his fifth album, a self titled release that he basically calls a make or break. Jordan said, “Everything is in the balance on this one. If you can’t do it on your fifth album, then when? If it doesn’t work out, then I’ll probably recline back in Atlanta, maybe continue to write songs, and maybe get a law degree.”

Mediocre & Cliche R&B Hurt Montell Jordan’s LP

Montell Jordan 'Montell Jordan' album cover

Frank Hajdu of Y2G reviewed the new self titled Montell Jordan album and like many others has ripped it, giving the disc a C- rating. Hajdu asked, “How the hell did Def Soul release this mediocre offering?” He added, “The problem is, Montell’s fifth album is nothing more than 13 tracks of cliched R&B, lover-man fare, and what’s worse is that this isn’t even done well. With languid, auto-piloted production and a dictionary’s worth of R&B catch phrases, ‘Montell’ is composed of markedly boring and uncreative quasi-ballads. It almost seems like Mr. Jordan is trying to rush out of a record contract with this one.” has since shut down.

Private Montell Jordan Opens Up With 5th Album

Hip Online spoke with Montell Jordan about how he’s opened up on his personal life with his new self titled album. Jordan said, “I never really wanted to talk about my personal life. I kind of kept it separated. I always talked about parties and going out. But everything external for me is really superficial. Because I experience so much I wanted to show the other side of me. I’ve done four previous albums and still no one knows who Montell really is or what he thinks. What do you really know about me? Am I married? Do I have a child? Am I Christian? Am I a good guy? No one knows. They only know the stuff that I’ve told them. So now on this fifth album I want to be known for more than a song. You say “This Is How We Do It” and people say ‘yeah, I know that song’. So many times people won’t know the name Montell Jordan, but you tell them “you know ‘This Is How We Do It'” and they say “oh yeah, I know that”. So I’m known as a song and I don’t want to be known as a song, I want to be know as an artist. And that is what this album is designed to do.”

Vibe Rips New Montell Jordan Disc

Montell Jordan

Vibe magazine ripped the new Montell Jordan effort, ‘R U With Me’ (Montell’s official site indicates it may just be named after himself). The mag gave the disc a 1 1/2 star out of 5 rating saying, “On his fifth outing, it’s clear Jordan has forgotten how to do it, offering a collection of shiny studio schlock rife with canned hooks. soft core drum beats, and the standard I cheated but I love you so lemme sex you up baby girl lyrics.”