On TV: 112, Musiq, Seal

R&B acts on television this week include Alicia Keys, who appears on BET’s 106 and Park on Monday; Monica, who appears on 106 and Park on Monday and the Sharon Osbourne Show on Friday; Musiq, who appears on 106 and Park on Tuesday; 112, who appear on 106 and Park on Wednesday; Seal, who appears on the Sharon Osbourne Show on Wednesday; and look for Mis-Teeq on the UK edition of TRL on Tuesday.

Musiq Interview On ReactMag.com

Musiq 'Soulstar'

Contributed by AdamBernard:

It’s a little past noon and I’m sitting in Def Jam’s offices waiting for Musiq. The interview is scheduled for noon, but no artist ever shows up on time. Someone from the label explains why Musiq is a little late, he’s on the train. He’s on the train?!?! Why is a multi-platinum singer still riding the train? As soon as I wrap my mind around that concept he walks in. Read more.

Musiq Opens Up About Anxiety Attack

Musiq 'Soulstar'

Alan Sculley of Cincinnati CityBeat caught up with Musiq who talked about the anxiety attack that landed him in the hospital and forced him to start following a healthier regimen in 1998. “It was like the whole starving artist thing,” Musiq says, looking back on that period. “I had a rebellious streak, and I wanted to do things all by myself. But I started to realize that sh** was really hard. It leads you down certain roads that I’m not so proud of. But that was my life. And that’s what I had to go through. That’s what God took me through in order to learn my lessons, because I was pretty hard at it.”

Musiq And India.Arie On The Outs

Musiq 'Soulstar'

Groovevolt.com reports Musiq’s relationship with India.Arie has hit hard times. “They were with each other all the time but Musiq could not make that final step. India is looking to start a family,” a source close to the pair revealed.

The update at Groovevolt.com has since been removed (the site shut down).

Musiq Is A Fan Of Ruben Studdard

Jayson Whitehead of Las Vegas Weekly caught up with Musiq ahead of his gig tonight at House of Blues. The singer says he’s a fan of ‘American Idol’ champ Ruben Studdard. “I heard that Ruben won. I’m pretty excited about that,” Musiq said. “I actually met him out in LA a couple days ago. I shook his hand and told him how I felt about his singing. I really dig it, it’s cool. I basically just gave him some positive energy. I like to think that I contributed somehow.”

Musiq & Russell Simmons Hit With $2 Million Lawsuit

The Coalition For A Just Cincinnati (CJC) filed a lawsuit yesterday in federal court challenging a University of Cincinnati (UC) policy that places unreasonable restrictions on outdoor public speaking and leafleting on the university’s campus, and accusing Russell Simmons, Benjamin Chavis Muhammad, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, and the UC police of conspiring to throw CJC members in jail for picketing Def Jam artist Musiq on Saturday, April 19th. Read more.