Ne-Yo Talks ‘R.E.D.’ And A&R Role At Motown

Ne-Yo Walmart photoshoot

Ne-Yo did a live set recently that included performances of ‘Lazy Love’, ‘Jealous’, ‘Don’t Make ’em Like You’, ‘Unconditional’ and ‘Let Me Love You’. The singer also sat down for an interview, discussing the name of his latest album ‘R.E.D.’, how the album was divided for his R&B and pop/dance fans, taking on the role of an executive at Motown, how there will always be a song for him to write thanks to love, and the delicate balance between his job and being a father, and songs off the new album.

“The name of the new album is ‘R.E.D.’ It’s an acronym standing for ‘Realizing Your Dream’. I called the album that because that’s where I am in my life right now. I’m realizing every dream. I decided at age 9 that music was going to be my life, and every dream and aspiration I set for myself from 9 to now, pretty much every single one of them have all been realized, and all through the power of music, so this album is a celebration of that fact.”

Discussing his mindset when recording the LP, Ne-Yo explained, “When I went in to start recording this one, this is actually the first album that I paid attention to the fact that I have two very dominant fan bases. I have my die-hard R&B fan base here, and I have my die-hard dance and/or pop fans here, and then we have the people that rest in between those two points. With this album I needed to make sure that everyone who calls themselves a Ne-Yo fan had something to latch onto. This album is almost split down the middle. There’s an equal amount of R&B songs and equal amount of pop and/or dance songs, and then those songs that fall into the middle of those two points. My last album with ‘Libra Scale’, I went really, really heavy with the conceptual. Really really heavy with theme. With this one I decided to just go back to the basics and just try to do quality music and making sure every Ne-Yo fan had something to latch onto with this album.”

Talking about his new role as Senior Vice President for A&R at Motown Records, Ne-Yo said, “I’m excited about the position because it allows me to help out the hundreds of thousands of young artists I come across every single day. At the other side of the same card, it’s definitely a learning experience. The language of an executive and the language of an artist are not always the same language. Another thing that Motown is doing right now is artist development, which is something that record labels just don’t do anymore. That’s kind of one of the things that attracted me to the job, the position in the first place. With an artist, it’s about the vibe and the energy and the emotion and the passion. With the executive, it’s about the numbers and the bottom line and staying out of the red. It definitely is something that I’m getting better at, I’ll say that.”

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Ne-Yo Discusses ‘R.E.D.’, Sia Collaboration And Drawing Skills

Ne-Yo, seen here in his 'Lazy Love' music video, talked with KTU about his 'R.E.D.' album, collaborating with Sia, songwriting and fatherhood, drawing and painting, farting in the studio and 'Call Me Maybe'

Ne-Yo dropped by KTU in New York City to chat with Cubby and Cindy about his upcoming album ‘R.E.D.’, how being a father has changed his music, how it’s easier to write a song for a woman than a guy, ‘So Sick’ being about a girl in Las Vegas named Brandy, his drawing and painting skills, getting caught farting in the recording studio and his love for the Carly Rae Jepsen hit ‘Call Me Maybe’.

Talking about ‘R.E.D.’, Ne-Yo said, “This album is basically a celebration of my first love. A celebration of music. From age nine to now, every dream, every goal I set for myself has been realized through music. It’s just celebrating how good to me music has been. It’s also celebrating my fans. I have a very broad fan base. I have my R&B people over here, my dance and pop people over here, so this is honestly my first album where I paid real attention to that, so let me make sure there’s an even amount of R&B songs to pop songs on this whole album. Basically trying to please all of the people at the same time.”

On teaming with Sia on ‘Let Me Love You’, he said, “She’s incredible. I’ve been a Sia fan for a little while, since the Zero 7 days. They had no idea that I knew here and that we had been talking about working together when they brought me the track. They said, ‘There’s a hook on it already, we know you don’t normally do that but we really think this is something special’. So I’m like let me here it. They played it and I instantly recognized the voice. ‘That’s Sia!’ ‘Yeah, do you know her? She’s kinda new.’ ‘No she’s not!'”

As for how songwriting has effected him as a father, he said, “Not as much as one would assume. I’ve always been aware of the fact that I have a very broad fan base in regards to age. There’s little kids that listen to the stuff and there’s grown ass adults listening to it too. With that being said, in that I’m the kind of person that pays attention to who my fans are and what my fans want, I got to do the kind of music that everyone can listen to. I’ve got to do stuff you can let your little daughter listen to. You and your daughter who is 4 years old can sit and listen to together. At the same time I’m a grown-up, I’m 32-years-old. There’s some things I want to talk about that are not for little Suzie. That’s when you as a parent have to step in and go, we’re not gonna play #8 for little Suzie. Me having my own kids now just basically put the magnifying glass on the fact that as an artist, you have a huge responsibility to make sure these kids who are looking at you and emulating who you are and what you do have something positive to emulate.”

On his doodling skills put to the test on a paper plate in the studio they gave away, he said, “I’ve actually been drawing and painting as long as I’ve been singing, which is not impressive because I should be better at it than I am, in that I’ve been doing it for so long. Drawing and painting now is my escape from the music industry. I never thought I would need one. Music used to be my escape from life, and now I need an escape from music. Every now and then I get stressed out I’ll sit down and draw something, not that you guys stress me out. That wasn’t why I drew the picture.”

Asked if he’s ever farted in the studio when others later come in, Ne-Yo confessed, “Yes. (I) pretend it didn’t happen because nine times out of ten they’re gonna smell it but they’re not gonna say anything either. They just keep moving and act like it didn’t happen. Actually my people are pretty honest. They’re like, ‘Oh whoa, wait, hold on. What are you doin’ in here? Damn!'”

On ‘Call Me Maybe’, Ne-Yo enthused, “I love that record. I will turn that up in the car and let the top down in the most ghetto-est thuggiest neighborhood in America and not care. I don’t care. I love that record. That joint rocks.”

Watch the interview via below.

Ne-Yo Having Fun Rapping & Singing On ‘101’ Mixtape


Ne-Yo spoke with Vibe on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, where the artist talked about his forthcoming ‘101’ mixtape, hosted by Kevin Hart. “The mixtape is just me having fun, so I might to a little rapping, a little singing. I might say some stuff that I probably wouldn’t normally say, but it’s a mixtape, so we can do that.” As for those who are critical of his rapping efforts, the 31-year-old said, “I don’t care if you didn’t dig it because I’m not a rapper – to hell with you.” The brief interview video at has since been removed.

R&B Artists’ Happy Mothers Day Tweets

Several R&B artists are wishing their followers who happen to be moms and their own mothers a Happy Mother’s Day on Twitter, which is being celebrated in several countries including the United States, Canada and Australia. Among the Tweets:

Jeremih (@Jeremih): #HappyMotherDay to all the mommas out ther!
n Happy mothers day to th greatest momma in the world!!!!! >>> @classynana

Chilli of TLC (@officialchilli): Salute 2 all the GREAT Mommies that LOVE being a Mommie! The world needs more of YOU! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!

Keri Hilson (@MissKeriBaby): Being a good mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world…and they make it look so easy. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! I love you, Mom!!!

Rihanna (@rihanna): Happy Mother’s day mama

Ne-Yo (@NeYoCompound): HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. To the women that make the world go round, no words can express my gratitude. Without you, no us. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Treating the M’s (Mom, Mo, Maddie) to the Bahamas. Much needed vacation. You deserve the world. Love you with my existence!!

LeToya Luckett (@LeToyaLuckett): Mom…I know UR reading this because u secretly follow ME on twitter lol! Thank u 4 believing when I didn’t believe in ME. U are my rock!

Brian McKnight (@ItsBMcKnight): Happy mothers day all moms out there!!!!!

Bobby V. (@BobbyV): Happy mothers day!!I went 2 church wit my mom & sister!!now time 2 eat!!!

Mary J. Blige (@maryjblige): HAPPY MOTHERS DAY LADIES!!!!! Hope your enjoying day!!!

Ciara (@ciara): Happy Mothers Day 2 all the hard working, loving, and caring moms! Shout out to Gladys Smith and Jackie Harris! Love Ciara

John Legend (@johnlegend): Happy Mothers Day to the beautiful Ms Phyllis Stephens and all the other mamas out there

Macy Gray (@MacyGraysLife): happy mothers day – all the mas mums mamas mommys muthas, etc. if it werent for u, no one would be here.
#5factsaboutmymom – the happiest most energetic person i’ve ever met. thats 2. she’s tall. beautiful. knows how to live. thats 5.

Michelle Williams (@RealMichelleW): Dear Ma…..we’d listen to R and B music while u were at work but would put on Gospel music when we saw u pullin n the driveway! LOL!

Chrisette Michele (@ChrisetteM): HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FOLKS!!! I’m going to finally be home for this very special holiday! Enjoy Ur family today! Toodles!!!

Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys): YOU are amazing my love thank u! ;-)! RT @therealswizzz Happy 1st Mothers Day @aliciakeys thx so much for Egypt he is amazing#blessings&Love

Keri Hilson (@MissKeriBaby): I miss my Mommy!! She’s the BEST!! She knows if I could be home, I would. And with all the pampering she’s receiving, I’m sure she’s ok :)
Don’t take your Mom for granted any other day! Life is a fragile blessing. Pray 4 those navigating life w/ their Mother here only in spirit.

Ne-Yo Baffled By Beyonce Diss Talk


Ne-Yo checked in with his Twitter followers (@NeYoCompound) earlier today, talking about the controversy that erupted with people thinking he dissed Beyonce when it comes to the ‘Irreplaceable’ he wrote which the former Destiny’s Child star turned into a hit. The 28-year-old writes:

Just heard the audio where I supposedly dissed Beyonce. ARE Y’ALL SERIOUS!?! Did y’all even listen to what I said!?!

I said I originally wrote the song for me. That’s true, so OF COURSE I didn’t want to give it away originally. IT WAS FOR ME….

…Once I realized how the song comes across if sang by a guy, that’s when I decided to give it away. HOW IS THAT DISSING BEYONCE!?!

She took the song and made it a smash, NOBODY can deny that….

You know what? At first I was apologetic about what the hacker said, now that I’ve heard the audio myself, not so much…..

…Y’all should listen a lil’ harder before you start dissin’ people. Makes you look real dumb. I’m tired of being nice to dumb people…

…Bottom line, Beyonce is my friend. To HELL with anybody that ain’t SMART enough to understand what I truly meant…..

…Last time y’all will EVER get any of my time or attention. Much love to my fans and fam, FU** IDIOTS AND HATERS!! Have a good one.

Ne-Yo Not Happy After Twitter Account Hacked

Ne-Yo in KL

Ne-Yo checked in with his Twitter followers (@NeYoCompound), after apparently being hacked and getting false credit for dissing Beyonce. The singer tells readers:

Wow. This is the reason twitter can be dangerous. I’ve clearly been hacked again and whoever did has pissed a lot of people off!

All good. Beyonce’ is a friend of mine. I’m sure she knows I’d never dis her in regard to Irreplaceable or at all for that matter.

Wonderful to know her fans have her back the way they do tho. Say what you will about me, I’ll sleep comfortably tonight regardless…

….But do not allow the ignorance of some let you question my gratitude to those who’ve helped me along the way.

With that said, hackers die slow, haters do your job, homies and fam GO SEE BATTLE:LOS ANGELES!! Goodnight all!!!

Ne-Yo “Frustrated Yet At Mental Peace” Over ‘Libra Scale’ Leak

Ne-Yo went on a rant for his Twitter followers (@NeYoCompound) to read earlier today over leaks of his musical material just as his fourth studio album ‘Libra Scale’ is released in Japan. The album is scheduled for a November 22nd release in America. The singer and producer tells readers:

Salutations all. I’m in Japan and my album officially came out today out here. Today is a day that I SHOULD be very happy…..

…But it has been brought to my attention that my album was hacked and leaked in the U.S. roughly a month before it’s U.S. release…

…Initially this angered me. It’s stealing plain n’ simple. But then I started thinking. Why do I make music….?

…To sell records, make money, or is it because I love it, love how it touches people, how it helps people? The honest answer is both…

…However, my love for music and it’s effect on people, outweighs my desire to simply sell records, or get that number one debut spot…

…In a time where people buy their status and falsify their success, can those things really be that important to me? The answer is no…

…So with that said, I’ve come to this place of mental peace. No longer stressing people that steal the music, how it’ll effect my sales…

…The bottom line is, I worked hard on this project. The music, the concept, the whole lot is for the people, respect or not…

…So if you as a fan give a damn about me, buy the album when it comes out. If you don’t care, go get it off the internet. Your choice…

…Either way, the music, the concept, the whole lot, served it’s purpose. It gave the people something quality to vibe to…

…I’m not solely in the business of selling records. I’m in the business of making art. That’s what an artist does, period…

…So with that twit family and haters alike, I bid you farewell for now, and leave you with this….


Sincerely yours, a rather frustrated yet at mental peace, Ne*Yo!! Much luv to my fans AND my haters.

Ne-Yo Uses His Blessings At Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser

Ne-Yo, Aaron Fresh, Nick Cannon and Burnham were all rockin it out at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square on Thursday (September 23), all to help save children’s lives. “I’m a firm believer in God,” Ne-Yo said. “No disrespect to anyone that believes in anything else, but whatever the case may be, I feel like if you’re blessed and you don’t use your blessings to be a blessing to someone else then your blessings stop. Video from the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser from Fox 5 in New York has since been removed.

Ne-Yo Discusses Fatherhood & SFNR On ‘Chelsea Lately’

Ne-Yo visited ‘Chelsea Lately’ on E! the other night to reveal how he got his name, his plans for fatherhood and more.
Watch the interview via YouTube below. “I’m 30, which in industry years is 60, so I think it’s about time,” Ne-Yo said about becoming a dad.

As for his term SFNR (“Sexy For No Reason”), Ne-Yo said, “I personally feel I’m not sexy for the reasons that most people are sexy. I’m not as cute as a Chris Brown or Trey Songz. My body’s not as nice as Usher’s, but my confidence is what makes me sexy.”

The interview video at YouTube has since been removed.