Nikka Costa Discusses ‘Damn I Said It First’

Nikka Costa 2008

Nikka Costa discussed the track ‘Damn I Said It First’, from her new album ‘Pebble To A Pearl’, on the Concord Records YouTube channel. “Mainly women, we kind of like show all of our cards,” she explained. “We’re always the first to screw up and blurt out that we love the guy, and the guy inevitably runs racing for the hills. So I wanted to write a song with that very specific situation in mind.” Watch the clip below.

Nikka Costa ‘Stuck To You’ Video

Nikka Costa 'Stuck To You' music video

Nikka Costa is out with the video to her new single ‘Stuck To You’, the first release from the American soul singer’s fourth album ‘Pebble to a Pearl’, out October 14th via Go Funk Yourself Records / Stax Records. Watch it below.

Vanity Fair Amped For Africa

Macy Gray, Mary J. Blige, Nikka Costa, Van Hunt, and Heidi Klum attended ‘Vanity Fair? Amped for Africa’ to celebrate the Charlize Theron African Outreach Project benefiting Oprah’s Angel Network at Republic in Los Angeles, California on Friday (March 3). Check out pictures from FilmMagic (page1 / page2), RexFeatures, GettyImages (arrivals / inside), and WireImage.

Costa Says There’s Too Much ‘Manufactured Fluff’

Jancee Dunn of Rolling Stone magazine chatted with Nikka Costa who complained about “manufactured fluff” but was quick to exclude Britney Spears, who gave the singer an opportunity to open for her on her previous tour. “There’s so much crap out there, manufactured fluff where it’s more about marketing than talent,” she said. “I’m not talking about Britney, I’m just talking about the industry. India.Arie is a classic example of an amazing talent who was almost off the radar, and then she got recognized. That’s a beautiful thing when that happens. It just doesn’t happen enough.”

Nikka Costa Rates Music Ahead Of Fashion

Nikka Costa spoke with Rob Harvilla of the Houston Press and said music, not fashion, is most important to her. “Music is the first and foremost thing,” she said. “Anybody who listens to my record can see that I don’t need to fall back on the fashion thing. They’re two totally different things — it’s just the way of the world right now. [Fashion and music] are intertwined, and it’s all good. I love fashion. It doesn’t mean I don’t play my guitar as much. What I wear doesn’t interfere with what I do.”

Nikka Costa Performs At XBOX Party has photos of Nikka Costa at Microsoft’s E3 XBOX Party in Los Angeles on Thursday night. Check out the photos from the Park Plaza Hotel event here.

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Costa Now Sings With Authority

Tom Moon of the Philadelphia Inquirer was at the Nikka Costa concert Monday night at the TLA and walked away impressed at her growth since seeing her last. Moon said, “Once tentative, Costa now sings with authority and a willingness to abandon herself to the mood of the moment.”

Costa Expects Sweaty and Uninhibited Live Shows

Sarah Rodman of the Boston Herald Spoke with Nikka Costa about her sweaty and uninhibited live shows where she insists, “I hate going to gigs where I could’ve just stayed home and put on the CD, why spend the $30? I want the artist to be sweaty and engaging; if they’re supposed to be crying, I want them to cry.”

Costa Prefers Long Career Over Topping Charts

Tom Moon of the Philadelphia Inquirer spoke with Nikka Costa about her inability to become a chart topping act where she insisted, “I always wanted to build slowly. You know, sneak up on people. The frustrating thing has been not being able to connect with people and actually see people who are feeling the record. But I knew I wasn’t going to be the instant No. 1 chart-topping pop diva. I’d rather have a long career, and that’s why we’re putting so much into performing: I want to be able to tour whether I’m selling tons of records or not.”