Jennifer Hudson Headed To Hollywood Plus News On Nivea’s Baby

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Jawn Murray’s BV Buzz has news on how “American Idol” contestant Jennifer Hudson is being considered for the role of Effie Melody White in the upcoming film adaptation of ‘Dreamgirls.’ Also find out what Nivea plans to name her baby, see what R&B singer has a baby on way and get news on Samuel L. Jackson. The story at has since been removed.

Ginuwine Finds Religion And Nivea Gets Married In BV Buzz

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Jawn Murray’s new BV Buzz has news on Meet The Browns co-stars Tamela Mann, Nicci Gilbert and Terrell Carter; details on why Kandi Burruss formerly of Xscape isn’t too happy with her former group; and news on Ginuwine finding religion. Also get details on Nivea getting married and possibly being pregnant.

The report at has since been removed.

Nivea Responds To ‘Nasty Attitude’ Forum Posting

Someone claiming to be Nivea (the forum admin didn’t question her authenticity) has posted angry responses to a forum member on questioning the singer’s “nasty attitude”. She responded, “Sweetheart! If you dont like me WHY post something on the board that’s for my true fans. It looks to me that you really keep up with me and my attitude! And you can take this any way you wish because Nivea wakes up every morning, noon, and night thanking God for my blessing. Sorry to tell you this but my CD did very well and this statement is with an attitude.” In a later response, the poster claiming to be Nivea could find herself in the same controversy with the gay community Beyonce Knowles recently found herself in after saying, “Wow there you go again keeping up with me! Hmm… you must be gay? Or maybe you’re a stalker because you so busy checking on me you poor thing! Find yourself a hobby soon because you gonna end up in the mental ward trying to keep up with me.”

Hear B2K & See Nivea On TV This Week

R&B acts on television this week include B2K, who will phone into MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday, while Nivea appears on Live with Regis And Kelly (guest co-host Jane Krakowski).

Nivea Wants To Follow Mariah Carey As A Fly

Teen Scene magazine asked Nivea whose wall she would land on if she were a fly. “Mariah Carey. She has been my main inspiration,” Nivea responded. Since she couldn’t decide whether she would rather land on the wall of Mariah’s recording studio or in her home, she said she would just follow her around.

Grammy Nominated Nivea Looks Up To Many caught up with Nivea and asked the singer who she looked up to growing up. “Mariah Carey definitely,” Nivea said. “She was a great aspiration for me. Um, that’s another long list. I was more into like Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Aretha Franklin, I don’t know. It’s just a long list.” As for her thoughts on nabbing a Grammy nomination, Nivea says, “It feels great. It’s very shocking, very unexpected, feels good, it feels darn good.” has since removed the article.

Nivea Feels Comfortable Writing With Down Time

Nivea tells that in the yearlong interim between the release of her first and second singles, the artist says she used the time wisely to keep honing her craft. “I feel more comfortable writing when I have down time. I’ve been writing songs since I was 15. Whatever I write, it has to be something people have to find realistic.”

A Hip-Hop Love Story, Nivea And Lil’ Wayne

In a recent interview with Adam Bernard of Nivea spoke about her relationship with Lil’ Wayne, her love of collaborations, and doing her own laundry (of all things!). Read all of what she had to say here.

Nivea Was Amazed By Grammy Nomination

Hip Online caught up with Nivea and asked her about the surprise Grammy nomination she received. She admits, “Isn’t that crazy? (Laughs) I still can’t believe it.” Asked where she was, Nivea revealed, “I found out that morning. My manager called me and was like ‘guess what? I was right’ and I was like ‘shut up’ and almost hung up on him. I couldn’t believe it.”
Check out the entire interview here.