Res At Rock N’ Sole III

RES has photos of Res at the Steve Madden Presents Rock N’ Sole III event held at The Key Club in Hollywood, California on Friday. Check out the pictures here.

Res Headlines Vanilla Coke Party

RES was on hand at the Vanilla Coke party that featured Res, who was earlier featured in another BeThere video clip and performed five songs at the event. Also at the party was Damon Dash, who appears to have moved on from Aaliyah as he was with a white girl and the two joked about being Vanilla Coke themselves. has since removed the video.

Res Video Clip Before NV Gig

RES has a four-part video clip of Res and her band behind the scenes getting ready for a gig at NV, a trip to her pad in New York where her boyfriend Sho was hanging out. Res admitted that when she’s extremely nervous for a show, she has to sh** every two minutes (we didn’t need to know that Res!). has since shut down.

Res On Tonight’s Craig Kilborn Show


Res will be performing ‘They-Say Vision’ tonight on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. Craig’s other guests will be Scott Bakula and Kimberly Williams. Check your local listings.