Rhian Benson: Michael Jackson Is THE Benchmark For Artistic Excellence

Rhian Benson shared her thoughts on the death of Michael Jackson on her MySpace blog (@rhianbensonsite) on Friday (June 26). Benson writes:

Just wanted to say I’m feeling the heaviness today, the weight of the reality that MJ is no longer a part of our musical present.

I’ve seen all the montages and heard all the testimonies attempting to describe his musical contributions but it’s all just noise to me. I have always felt MJ in every inspired work of music, dance and video I have encountered because he is and always will be THE benchmark for artistic excellence. He dedicated his life to pushing hidden boundaries, making history and laying new paths while we were busy getting down to his constant flow of jams.

Industry Politics: Goapele And Rhian Benson

Ken Gibbs of Africana.com was on a conference call with Goapele and Rhian Benson to talk about the difficulty R&B artists like themselves have in getting the attention of their rap counterparts. Read a transcript or listen to the call here.

Rhian Benson Happy To Be Distracted With New Album

Rhian Benson checked in with fans on her official site’s forum last month. She writes, “There has been quite a bit of housekeeping to be taken care of lately, in terms of preparing for the album release. I am looking forward to going back into the studio tomorrow for the final round of recording, editing, and mixing on the album: the finish line is so near near but yet so far! One of the reasons I am looking forward to being in the studio is to distract myself from world events, as we prepare to go to war in the next few hours the harsh reality that there will most certainly be innocent casualties, destruction and horror sets in. I am praying for all those caught in the midst of this terrible situation, I pray that by some miracle it will all be called off and I continue to pray for world peace.”