J Inks ‘Idol’ Winner Studdard; Aiken Joins RCA

The Hollywood Reporter says ‘American Idol’ winner Ruben Studdard has signed to Clive Davis’ J Records, and runner-up Clay Aiken will join the first ‘Idol’ winner, Kelly Clarkson, on RCA Records, which Davis also oversees.

‘Idol’ Ruben Tapped To Join Cream Of The Crooners

Star magazine reports ‘American Idol 2’ winner Ruben Studdard is being tapped to be the next love balladeer, with Luther Vandross and Barry White having paved the way. “There will always be a market for a big bear of a guy who can sing songs of seduction – and that is Ruben Studdard,” says a music industry insider. “He’s sweet, humble and the audience loves him.”

Jawn’s Juice On Deborah Cox, Ruben & More

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Jawn has tons of tidbits from Hollywood, including news on LL Cool J, Marlon Wayans, and Gabrielle Union. Also, news on BeBe Winans, Wayne Brady, CeCe Winans, Deborah Cox, Ruben Studdard, and Tamia in this week’s Juice. Plus, What actor is rumored to be upset about his wife’s plans to reenter the entertainment industry? Jawn also has the scoop on what UPN show has been canned and reveals the cast of a brand new UPN show. All of these stories and so much more in this week’s Juice. Check it out here.

Clive Davis ‘Deeply Distraught’ Over Vandross’ Condition

A source close to RCA’s Clive Davis confirmed to the Chicago Sun-Times that the recording industry legend is “deeply, deeply distraught about [Luther Vandross’] condition. … They are such good friends, and Clive is releasing his new album,” but the source insists it is wrong to automatically merge Davis’ thoughts about Vandross with his plans to produce the ‘American Idol’ winner’s first album. “After all, it might just as easily be [Clay Aiken] who walks off as the winner Wednesday night.” That having been said, “Clive–like so many who know and love [Ruben Studdard] –understands losing weight will be very important for him in the long term.”

Ruben Studdard Weight Worry Claim Refuted

A spokeswoman for Clive Davis’ RCA Music Group – the company that has agreed to produce CDs with ‘American Idol’ winners – denied a Drudge Report claim that Davis has been worried about Ruben Studdard’s weight (reported to be 360 pounds) following word that obesity may have contributed to singer Luther Vandross’ recent debilitating stroke. “It’s a ludicrous slant to put on the story,” said the spokeswoman. “Ruben is an incredible artist, and we would be thrilled to work with him.”

‘Idol’ Frontrunner In Weight Related Health Fears

With recording legend Luther Vandross still hospitalized after a severe stroke, concern over ‘American Idol’ finalist Ruben Studdard’s health and well-being has become a priority with recording executive Clive Davis, sources tell the Drudge Report. Pound-progressive Studdard is often captured on TV sweating profusely after only a few notes. “He sometimes can be terribly lethargic, he moves slow,” one top insider explains.

Jimmy Jam Points ‘Idol’ Star Ruben Towards R&B

Jimmy Jam tells USA Today that Ruben Studdard most likely would enjoy success as an R&B singer. “Ruben, with no gimmicks and no marketing, just flat out has the best chance to actually have a career,” says Jam. “Ruben obviously could sing R&B. That’s his style. If he has an inkling toward gospel music, someone like him could break the genre open bigger.” Read more.